Top 10 Websites to Create Infographics for Free

websites to create infographics

What are the best websites to create infographics? About a decade ago, infographics exploded onto the graphic design landscape, and today, they have become a staple for communication in the workplace, classrooms, across the web, and in businesses. Infographics became popularly used on content blogs and content sites around 3 years ago as the first few earlier attempts to popularize the concept was not successful.

There are humongous volumes of information on the Internet, and it is only reasonable to contrive means for sifting out what is important. One technique used to achieve this involves pouring a lot of essential statistics into a visual presentation, which engages users and offers you, the website/business owner, significant reach.

A well-designed infographic tells stories in a captivating, exciting manner, without boring the reader. In addition to this, our brains normally perceive visual stats at a rate, 60000 times faster than plain text. For this reason, the easier it’s to process the info, the better the understanding we will have (and the smarter we will feel). Infographics are great for conveying simple messages, for presenting data and other forms of info, for analyzing large-scale data within a simple format. Without a modicum of doubt, infographics have really changed how we consume content in modern times.

Best Websites to Create Infographics

Below, we have handpicked best 10 websites to create infographics for free this year:

Infogram is a powerful platform that features spectacular Interface, tons of graphics, and several free tools. The free version offers you enough templates to make a wide variety of infographics, with each template providing 8 possible variations, and 17 themes are available for use. The website’s free infographic maker contains 41 unique charts, 25 icons, along with 7 general shapes.

With this maker, designing a compelling infographic is all too easy, once you’ve enough info ready to make it work. In the free version, only 2 maps are available, while the paid plans contain more than 800 map categories from which you choose. To upgrade to the paid version, it costs $19/$67/$149 per month, depending on your budget and needs.


The Canva infographic maker comes with a long list of free features and is extremely user-friendly. And this user-friendliness is not just limited to its interface as Canva provides greeting messages & instructional pop-ups for every step of infographic creation. The site, in technical terms, provides 53 free templates across a variety of industries, including Business, Education, Charity, including Chronological & Processes options. There are thousands of images you could use for blank projects for free (Canva gives a 30-day free trial). Paying the monthly fee of $12.95 will provide you with access to 1.5 million more. Additionally, the free infographic maker features charts, colour customization, icons, frames, and illustrations.


Piktochart is a solid free infographic creator with a range of core features, which include a simplified Interface and unlimited Maps in the free version.

It offers 12 free awesome templates. The service definitely invested some time in polishing the forms, colours as well as layouts of their builder. In the free version, there are 14 customizable charts at hand, along with tons of forms and icons (business, agriculture, weather, environment, arrows, geography, and several others). Also, you can all its maps for free. In the paid plans, give access to more than 600 more templates (in addition to the 12 free ones) if you need the variety. The paid version goes for $15/$29/$99 per month.



Venngage does not seem to feature as many free infographic tools, as all its advanced options are offered in the paid plans, which are fully featured. People typically opt for the free software they can easily lay their hands on for any casual task; for this reason, Venngage is not their best choice. On the platform, there are many templates, but the best among them are saved for Premium & Business users.  28 free charts are available for free, along with countless icon charts as well as photos. However, as a free member, you can only make use of 2maps. Also, free accounts are allowed to upload a maximum of 6 images, but the process is fast, at least. The paid version goes for $19/$49 per month.


Visme has different innovative infographic tools and quick interface. Butto get the best of this service, you need to upgrade to the paid versions. In spite of that, like other quality infographic platforms, it will serve you well without a subscription. To casually create an infographic, you will find a lot of templates and huge infographic sizes on the website. It allows you to add many blocks to your infographics and fill them with forms & charts, which can be imported from the free content database. But you will not be able to customize those using a simple double click on the chart or form, except by clicking on Settings and inserting new data. The paid version costs $14/$29 per month.

Some of the core features of include cheap monthly plan and intuitive software. While it features limited free tools, its paid plan is quite very affordable. adopts a brilliant approach to users. If you intend using their service for free, you will be given 25 photos, 10 free charts, and 10 fonts to include in your infographic. You would either have to opt for a quite basic setup or pay the monthly fee, which is just $4. The majority of people would not hesitate to pay that measly sum to enjoy a wealth of premium online infographic tools, including over 11 million images and pictures, 320 templates, 112 different fonts, top-quality downloads as well as the ability to work in private.


Do you need high-end editing tools to make catchy infographics? BeFunky has got you covered. While the site can be used as an infographic program, it is mainly a photo editor & collage designer. It offers you awesome photo-editing tools. However, there are just 4 infographic templates, and 3 of those are paid, so there’s not much variety. BeFunky’s interface is smooth, with drag-and-drop enabled. But at first, you may find it hard to understand all the submenus. BeFunky is a great platform to create highly customized presentations. The paid version costs you $6.99 per month.


PickMonkey is another powerful infographic maker that features Advanced Infographic Builder and Tutorials. The major difference between its free & premium infographic services is in how intuitive they’re. The free generators primarily depend on your own creativity, but the paid services optimize their software to get the bulk of the available work done. On this platform, there are several templates, logos, text as well as colour options. You’re equally allowed to upload your own content. The site offers tons of tutorials and example videos. The paid version costs$7.99/$12.99/$33.99 per month, depending on your budget and needs.


Snappa helps you unleash your creativity with its 48 free infographic templates, different trendy charts & forms, along with many customizable options. All these are responsive and straightforward to use, coupled with several educational videos to further help you understand how to use the site. You can do any edits using a double-click, and uploading your own images to use is also easy. While you will not need a paid account to download a project, to save it on the platform, you will need to upgrade your account. You can share it on Facebook & Twitter for free. To upgrade your free account to the paid version, you are required to pay $10/$20 per month.


Adioma comes loaded with efficient and intuitive infographic tools but does not have a free version. With the paid plans, you will get a great value for the price. It is one of the highly rated infographics creators around — whether you need to make a blank infographic tab or use a ready template, the website guarantees effectiveness, user-friendliness. There are various intuitive tools available, which you can easily use for shaping your content as it is placed on the canvas. You can also pick forms, charts, icons, as well as colour customization, smoothly. Adioma enables you to select between a variety of templates that are built for different content types and industries. This capability helps you design professional-looking material with ease. The free version of Adioma is available as a free trial only. Its paid version sets you back by $39/$69/$300.

There you have it — the top 10 websites to create infographics free of charge in 2019. featured image – pexels

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