Vivo V27 5G Series: Pioneering Technology with Visually Striking Designs

vivo v27 5g series

Vivo, a global leading technology company, has unveiled its latest flagship-level portrait additions to its stylish V series – the V27 5G and V27e.

Following the feelings of a romantic dream and adhering to the stylish aesthetic V series is known for, V27 5G defies the conventions of using static designs. Elegant, simple, luxurious and trendy—this is the look and feel of V series. V27 5G has a beautiful design flow which gives it a dynamic, artistic, simple, and elegant look. With its ultra-thin body, 3D curved screen, and comfortable, ergonomic grip, V27 5G is a delicate phone users will love while still keeping its high specs. 

V27 5G – The High-Performing Smartphone with Flagship-Level Cameras and Stylish Design

The V27 5G is a powerful smartphone that is packed with features, including a flagship-level 4nm Dimensity 7200 processor, a 120Hz 3D curved screen, and a triple-camera system with a 50MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera and a 50MP AF Selfie Camera.

The V27 5G’s camera system is one of its most impressive features. The 50MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera is capable of taking stunning photos and videos in any lighting condition, thanks to its large sensor and optical image stabilization. The 50MP AF Selfie Camera also takes great selfies, with its AI-powered portrait mode and natural skin tone.

vivo v27 5g
V27 5G

Graceful with comfort and durability in mind

Aligning with the company’s “user-oriented” philosophy, Vivo’s highly skilled designers created phones with the optimum weight and size according to users’ feedback. Equally outstanding, the V27 5G is the thinnest phones in Vivo’s history with curved screens. The 3D curved screens have a 6.78-inch1 120 Hz 3D display which supports 1.07 billion colours. They have fewer colour gradation gaps which makes the display show vivid, super-clear and delicate details, as well as vibrant colours. The V27 5G is available in two colours: Magic Blue and Noble Black.

Enjoy beauty inspired by nature  

At first glance, the Magic Blue edition is light blue and looks calm and soothing. But it is more than that. Magic Blue integrates light and dark blue to convey different feelings on one phone thanks to the color-changing glass under UV light, giving it a minimal yet graceful appearance. Every time light changes, your phone reacts and presents you with a “wow moment”. 

vivo aims to provide richer colour options in the future through understanding the preferences of consumers and innovative colour material finish (CMF) techniques, allowing users to express their inner personalities and aesthetic desires via distinctive designs.  

V27e – The Eye-Catching Device with Unparalleled Camera Capabilities

V27e is a lightweight, stylish phone which combines functionality and style for users looking for a better all-round photography experience. The flagship 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera at the back of the phone with the Aura Light Portrait feature improves the portrait image quality through the integration of optical photography and computing photography to make images stand out. The Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS + EIS) allows users to take videos with bright and clear details in dimly lit environments. The new colours are richer and more engaging, with each one offering a different visual experience. Furthermore, the 6 nm MediaTek Helio G99 chip provides solid, energy-efficient performance.

Vivo V27e
Vivo V27e

The V27e is available in two colours:

  • Lavender Purple and
  • Glory Black.

Visually stunning screen 

V27e has a 6.62′′2 2.5D screen which provides a more immersive and engaging visual experience with a refresh rate of 120 Hz3 and ultra-high brightness and contrast. The 120 Hz AMOLED Display also features self-developed ambient light sensors combined with luminescent materials which intelligently adjust the screen’s brightness and deliver vivid, authentic colours, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality gaming and visual experience.  

Energy-efficient Helio G99 chip delivers solid performance  

More and more users are looking for energy-efficient smartphones with improved performance. V27e is equipped with MediaTek’s Helio G99 platform of 6 nm advanced mechanism. It combines graphite sheets of ultra-high thermal conductivity with high-efficiency heat dissipation materials to create an efficient cooling system to boost performance.  

Furthermore, V27e is equipped with Extended RAM7 up to 8 GB, which means, for example, an 8 GB RAM phone has equivalent RAM of 16 GB, doubling the space. 

Pricing and Availability

The V27 5G and V27e are available starting today at major retailers and telecommunications partners. The V27 5G is priced at ₦289,900, while the V27e is priced at ₦209,900.


The V27 5G and V27e are two great smartphones that offer a variety of features and capabilities. Whether you are looking for a powerful smartphone with a flagship-level camera system or a stylish and affordable smartphone with great camera capabilities, the V27 5G or V27e is a great option.

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