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There are many kinds of software out there for video processing and most of them are limited when it comes to operation, it’s hard to find one that is all-encompassing that does all the job you want it to do. I came across Videoproc while surfing online for the best video processing software for iPhone and my MacBook and the experience has been nothing short of amazing.


A Closer Look at VideoProc

VideoProc is a one-stop processing tool for 4K and HD videos. With it, you can edit, resize, adjust and transcode your videos at fully GPU-accelerated speed. Thanks to its level-3 hardware acceleration it’s x47 times faster than the average to bring out the desired output when editing videos.


Apart from having the ability to download videos from more than 1000 sites online it also offers unprecedented simpleness and convenience in processing video footages derived from iPhones, digital cameras, drones, baby monitors and lots more. Another of its numerous abilities is a screen recorder from screen captures, webcams and on iOS and Android devices.

videoproc- giveaway video processing software
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In my experiences with iPhone and video formats, I’ve had some problems which will be listed below which I think affects other iPhone users as well. They include:

  • Format/Codec problems – MKV, FLV and AVI videos won’t play. 4K HEVC iPhone videos won’t play on other devices. Not being able to import iPhone HEVC, VBR videos to Adobe Premiere.
  • Video Edit issues – It’s a hard task trying to edit videos on the small screen of my iPhone and this become complicated in the process. Exporting 4K 60fps videos after editing is not possible on the iPhone.
  • Video size/length/aspect ratio – Video image is cropped out after uploading to Instagram. Video exceeding limits of video sharing sites and a lot of time is spent trying to upload 4K videos.
  • Video Resolution/quality – There is a red bar on videos recorded by iPhone screen recorder. Shaky videos and noisy video image and HD videos turning out bad after uploading to Youtube.


Why VideoProc is the Best Video Processing Software for iPhone

VideoProc is an all-encompassing software that supports all video formats, it can decode and encode HEVC and VBR videos. Its speed is second to none as it is boosted by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPU acceleration technology. It is capable of processing 4K high frame rate and large videos.

Edit Videos

All basic and pro edits can be made with VideoProc. You can process, trim, rotate and crop HD+ and 4K footages from your iPhone and iPad. With its Advanced tools, you can speed up and slow down videos, stabilize and remove background noises, make GIF, add watermark, make colour and audio adjustments plus a whole lot of other features.

Resize Videos

If you are looking to resize videos with lossless quality, VideoProc is the go-to app. Change iPhone videos from 60fps to 30fps and adjust audio settings. Cut, trip upscale and downscale videos and change resolution.

Transcode Videos

With its level-3 hardware acceleration, video processing is X47 faster with high-quality output, this makes a strong case for VideoProc as the video processing software around. With its transcoding feature, many video compatibility issues can be solved. You can play iPhone HEVC, H.264 on other platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac and TV. There are also over 370 codecs for you to transcode videos in any format to iPhone HEVC and H.264. It has a video to audio converter and vice versa.


How to Process Videos Losslessly with VideoProc + 2000 Days License and iPhone XS Giveaway

Visit the official website and download the software, choose the Free Download option which will give you trial access after which you can decide to buy a permanent license. You should see something like the image below after installing and opening the software.

how to process videos with videoproc

As you can see, there are 4 main features under which you can go and explore this software – Video, DVD, Downloader and Recorder. As for this, I am converting a video in mov format to an iPhone H264 format which can be played on all iPhones including the new iPhone XR and iPhone XS and XS Max.

process iPhone videos

You can drag in your video or select +Video button to add in your videos. After putting in your video, you see the video information and the options available to you. You also get to choose the desired output format.

edit videos with videoproc

You can tweak around from the different available options to get the best output quality for your video. Under Hardware Acceleration Engine, click on the gear icon with Options. This will display the Hardware Info as shown below.

video hardware information

Clicking on the code option gives you many options to tweak from as shown below. Here you can change quality, codec, frame rate, aspect ratio, add watermark and carry out a lot of editing options.

videoproc editing codec

When you are done selecting all edit options, tap on the blue RUN button. The video is outputted in a video folder as seen below.

videoproc iPhone video edit

You can now backup video to computer, send the video to your iPhone, iPad or copy to any place you want. No doubt, this is arguably the best video processing software I have used.

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