Update 2.0 Brings Redesigned Perks and Skill Trees to Cyberpunk 2077

idris elba phantom liberty

Cyberpunk 2077’s next major update launches on September 21st, a few days ahead of the release of the Phantom Liberty expansion. The Update 2.0 brings major improvements to the game, including redesigned perks and skill trees, vehicle combat and car chases, and a revamped police system.

Starting with the redesigned perks and skill trees, developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) wrote in a blog post that “our vision for this new system was to have fewer, but way more impactful, perks for players to choose from.” The developer added that “instead of getting multiple low percentage increases to your damage, you will now get many opportunities to unlock completely different abilities that modify the way you play.” Players who continue their playthrough after Update 2.0 will have a “one-time chance” to reallocate all attribute points to fit in with the new system. With the revamped perk and skill trees, CDPR developers shared some of their favourite builds, including a “Bullet – Time Ninja”, and a “Hack-&-Slash Netrunner.”

Update 2.0 arrives September 21st on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and the PC. The company also debuted a new cinematic trailer, featuring Idris Elba (Solomon Reed) for its Phantom Liberty expansion that launches on September 26th.

Featured Image: CD Projekt Red

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