Unicode to Launch New Emoji Set, Offers Emojis for Persons with Disabilities

unicode new emoji for disabilities

In a bid to integrate various cultures, the new set of 2019 emoji will focus on individual’s with physical disabilities, mechanical limbs, sign language, and walking aids. According to The Verge, the Unicode Consortium agreed with Apple’s bid last year to better represent persons with disabilities with the latest Unicode Emoji 12.

In the proposal, Apple pointed out the importance of having emojis for both mechanical and manual wheelchairs. According to a statement seen by TechCrunch, Apple said:

“The type of assistive technology that is used by individuals is very personal and mandated by their own disability need. For someone who cannot self-propel and therefore uses an electric wheelchair, it would not be realistic to only show a manual chair. For those who can use a manual version, it would not be realistic to insinuate that they have less mobility than they do. Therefore, these should be seen as two totally separate forms of assistive device.”

As expected, these images are samples as the final emoji set will depend on the device or service provider. But since Apple proposed these emojis, it’s probable that the final version might look similar.

The set will also feature diverse skin tones and relationship types in the form of different versions “of people holding hands,” emoji include more races and gender.

Apart from humans, the latest emoji will include a larger number of animals. The animals included sloths, others, and flamingos. Concerning food, there are now emojis for butter, onion, falafel, garlic, waffles, and ice. Other items in the set include a drop of blood, razors, and axes. After Tuesday’s approval, the new update will offer users a total of 59 new emoji and 171 alternate versions of the present ones.

A white heart (which comes as the most requested Emojipedia emoji) is also included in the new set. Apart from the heart-shaped emoji, you can get a circle and square shapes in major colours.

The new emoji update will begin to display in personal devices. Thus, the recent announcement is to set the records straight. At the same time, major software providers such as Apple, Google and Microsoft will create their emoji versions and utilize them in their product’s interfaces.

Although there is no precise date, the BBC reports that the set will feature on Apple, Android and Google services before the end of 2019.

Besides, in a blog post, Unicode promises that the set will be available for mobile phones in September or November. But the company hints that the emojis might be available before then.

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