Twitter vs. Elon Musk Trial Set to Begin October 17th

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After winning the case to have the trial for the lawsuit filed against Elon Musk to be held in October, Twitter now has a definite date for when the trial will take place October. According to The Verge, Chief Judge at Delaware Court of Chancery Kathaleen McCormick has issued an official schedule for the trial, which will take place within five days, from October 17th – 21st.

Musk lawyers had initially proposed a February 2023 trial period, arguing that Twitter was pushing for a “warp speed” trial to have the lawsuit hearing in September and that they needed more time to collect data and analyze Twitter’s spam accounts adequately. Judge Kathaleen McCormick ruled in favour of Twitter and set the trial for October.

The October 17th start date for the trial is suitable for Twitter, and the company will know in time the direction it is going. Twitter released its Q2 2022 earnings result last week and blamed the uncertainty created by Elon Musk for having a poorer result than last year. The company’s shareholders are scheduled to vote on the takeover deal by September 13th.

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