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The X rebrand is in full swing, and Twitter has taken over the @X handle as its official account. The @X account was previously owned by the user, Gene X Hwang, from a corporate photography and videography studio called Orange Photography. TechCrunch reports that Hwang has now been forced to relinquish the account.

The @Twitter handle users have been familiar with for years now displays in its bio: “This account is no longer active. Follow @X for updates.” In the same move, all tweets and media associated with @Twitter have now been moved to the @X account. This is not the only change; Engadget reports that the Twitter Blue subscription service is now referred to as XBlue on its main description page. The @TwitterBlue account is now @XBlue. Other accounts associated with the official account are now being moved as well, @TwitterSupport, @TwitterDev, and @TwitterAPI are now @Support, @Xdevelopers, and @API.

Until today, Gene X Hwang owned the @X account, but the company has now taken ownership without compensating him, according to TechCrunch. “I did always feel like this was something that could happen. It would have been nice for them to compensate for it since it did have a lot of value to me, but things are what they are,” Hwang says. From his new handle @1234567998765, assigned by X, he tweeted, “Alls well that ends well” earlier today.

Twitter sent a letter to Hwang informing him that the @X is affiliated with X Corp and that he would have to pick an unclaimed or inactive user handle as a replacement. The company offered him a selection of X merchandise and an exclusive tour of its HQ “as a reflection of our appreciation.”

While the X rebrand is ongoing, reports say that Meta and other companies already have claims to the “X” trademarks, and Twitter has no intellectual property rights. On Tuesday, San Francisco police interrupted the removal of the bird logo and Twitter signage on the company’s HQ building due to permit issues.

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