You Will Soon Be Able to Subscribe to Twitter Conversations Without Commenting or Liking

subscribe to conversation twitter

Twitter is a very interesting community with a diverse group of people. People run various accounts on the microblogging site for different purposes and interesting threads and tweets are posted every minute of the day. To follow updates on particular tweets and thread, you either have to like or comment but Twitter is looking at changing things and making the platform conversion-friendly.

Discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is testing a “subscribe to conversation” feature which allows you get tweets notification without liking or commenting.

The new tool can be found at the top right corner of threads when its finally available. It’s currently in beta stage on the Android app and there are no reports yet as to when it will finally be rolled out.

Another feature reported by tipster Wong is “News Camera” feature which will allow users add “new camera moments on top of previous ones into a thread”, a form of tweet thread with no pictures.

Wong revealed a lot with another of her discovery stating a ”Trending” tab is coming under Explore for showing trends based on regions.

Finally, Wong revealed the Android app will soon be able to show the total Followers count in followers screen.


image: pixabay

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