Twitter Now Lets You Review DMs from Unknown Persons by Showing Them as Requests

direct message requests - twitter threads

Twitter is now introducing Direct Message Requests; a way to filter direct messages sent by people you do not follow if your DM is open to everyone. People abuse open DMs on the micro-blogging app by sending unwanted or spam messages to people who do not follow them as long as the DM is open.

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Henceforth, messages sent by users you do not follow on Twitter will now appear in a new Requests tab in your DM. The messages will be hidden with Twitter asking you whether to Delete or Accept to view the messages. This would actually go a long way in combatting spam messages on Twitter; nevertheless people still receive ‘unwanted messages’ even from those they follow in their DMs.

Users will not know you’ve seen their messages until you’ve tapped on the Accept option after which the messages will now be moved into your proper Direct Message inbox. This is also applicable to messages sent in group conversations by people you do not follow.

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Twitter says deleting the messages will not stop you from receiving messages from people you do not follow unless you block them. The new Direct Message Requests feature is available on Twitter for web, Android and IOS apps.

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