Twitter Begins Testing CoTweets Feature that Lets Two Accounts Share a Tweet

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Twitter on Thursday announced it is testing CoTweets, a new feature that lets two accounts co-author a tweet. The experiment will run for a “limited time” according to the company among select users in the US, Canada, and Korea.

Instagram was the first to roll out the co-author feature last October allowing two accounts to own feed posts and Reels. On a FAQ page, Twitter says CoTweets “help authors share the spotlight, unlock opportunities for engaging new audiences, and enhance their established partnerships.”

To make a CoTweet, two authors need to first decide on what they want to put out, this can be decided in the DMs. After agreeing on the content to share, one of the authors creates the CoTweet and sends an invite to the other author. When the co-author accepts the invite and the tweet goes live, it is shared on both accounts profile and followers can see it on their timelines. Just like a regular tweet, a CoTweet can’t be edited or adjusted, it can only be deleted if there is a mistake.

There are differences however between a regular tweet and a CoTweet. According to Twitter, only the CoTweet author who initiated the CoTweet can pin it to their profile. If the authors decide to make a thread from a CoTweet, only the first tweet will be a CoTweet, and CoTweets cannot be promoted.

The company says when the CoTweets experiment is concluded that it may turn off the feature and any created CoTweets may be removed.

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