How To Turn Your Computer Display To Tablet Mode On Windows 10

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Windows 10 comes with a lot of outstanding features that Microsoft believed will impress users, to be sincere with you, Microsoft got it right with this OS and one of the features that thrilled me anytime I use it is the feature called Tablet Mode.

This feature was actually designed to enhance user experience for computers with touch screen, but believe me, you will also enjoy it even if your computer’s screen is not sensitive to touch. You will enjoy it because the feature will take your desktop display to another level: a level where you have the feeling of working with a tablet on your computer.

To enjoy this mode, follow the steps below:

Steps to Activate Tablet Mode on Windows 10

  • Click on the Start Button toward the bottom left of your desktop display.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click System and then click on Tablet Mode.

Tablet Mode 1

Tablet Mode

  • Click on the Switch Button to turn on the mode. You can set the option “When I sign in” to Automatically switch to Tablet Mode if you want your computer to be in Tablet Mode at all time.
  • On the Hide app icons on Taskbar option, click on the switch to off it.
  • Click on the Start button to start enjoying the Tablet Mode.

How To Work in the Tablet Mode

Just like in a phone and tablet, the three horizontal lines at the top left corner serves as menu in the mode. When clicked, it will bring out your recently used applications and other options like File Explorer which shows your files; Settings which shows your computer setting; Power which shows options of shutting down the computer; and All apps which shows all your installed applications.

Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode

Disabling the Tablet Mode

Definitely not everybody will be comfortable using their Windows OS in Tablet Mode, so if for any reason you want to go back to your default windows view, follow these steps:

  • Click the Start Button.
  • Click the three horizontal lines at the top.
  • Click Settings.
  • On the settings, click Table Mode and switch the button to off.

Switching on and off of tablet mode on your windows 10 computer is as simple as described above. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for interesting how-to tech tutorials and tech gist.

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