TSTV Decoder Channels, Price, Packages and All You Need to Know

tstv decoder

If you are in Nigeria surely you must have heard about the new TSTV Cable TV. Nigerians have been crying so long for a saviour in the Cable TV line and it seems the Nigerian owned company is finally here to save us all from South African owned DSTV. DSTV has ripped off a lot of people with their exorbitant prices and packages and with TSTV decoder coming through their end may be near.

TSTV mean business a lot and the decoder is now finally available for purchase from April 1st, 2018 from accredited dealers across the country. TSTV, pronounced fully as Telcom Satellite TV is a Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria operated by ABS and Telcom Satellites. The Pay-As-You-Watch simply means that you can pause your subscription at any time you want.

Not only that, the decoder is HBB TV tech based which has 4.5G network and can be used a Hotspot device. When you subscribe on the decoder you get 20GB worth of data which you can used for video calls and to access the internet, this is just an extra bonus and is not depended on you watching channels on the decoder. For a long time, there has been the talk of DSTV owning the rights alone to shown Premier League matches but TSTV is finally here and all EPL matches will be transmitted live via bein Sports, You can also watch Champions League, La Liga Matches, Serie A, the Bundesliga and other leagues.

Features TSTV Cable TV – What You Must Know

  • First Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria.
  • Monthly subscription can be paused for a maximum of 7 days meaning you have 37 days maximum to use a month subscription till it expires. This is only applicable to the monthly subscription.
  • TSTV Decoder comes with pause/play function and a 50GB storage space to record and save TV programs.
  • 200 different channels, ranging from entertainment, movie, sports and lots more.
  • Decoder price is N5,000; subscription prices is as low as N200, N500, N1,000, N1,500 and N,3000.

Where to Buy TSTV In Nigeria and Service Stations

TSTV is launching first in 4 States including Abuja FCT, the states are: Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Kano. It will be availabe in all 36 states very soon,  Click here to see where to buy in your location.

The decoder works in all states in the country and more service stations will be established very soon.

TSTV Decoder Channels List

TSTV News Channel List

  1. BBC America
  2. CNN
  3. Aljazeera
  4. BBC Radio 2
  5. TVC News
  6. United States of America Embassy
  7. Sky News
  8. Arewa24
  9. AIT
  10. Core TV News
  11. France 24
  12. CCTV News
  13. Channels TV
  14. Bloomberg Television
  15. DW
  16. Fox News
  17. TRT World
  18. Press TV
  19. NTA
  20. Arise News
  21. TV360 Nigeria

TSTV Sports Channel List

  1. Star Sports
  2. Fox Sports
  3. Euro Sports News
  4. Euro Sports 2
  5. Kwese Free Sports
  6. Kwese ESPN
  7. MS Extreme
  8. bein Sports MAX 4HD
  9. bein Sports 3HD
  10. bein Sports Global
  11. bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
  12. TS Sports 4 HD
  13. TS Sports 2
  14. TS Sports 3
  15. Yolo Sports HD

TSTV Music Channel List

  1. Trace Urban/Africa
  2. HITS TV
  3. MTV Base
  4. TLC (HD)
  5. DSTV Versus TSTV

TSTV Movies Channel List

  1. Star Movies
  2. MBC Action
  3. MBC 2
  4. Star Movies
  5. African Magic
  6. Liberty TV
  7. MBC Bollywood
  8. Wazobia TV
  9. WAP TV
  10. Viasat Life
  11. Fine Living
  12. FOX
  13. FOX Life
  14. Investigation Discovery
  15. MBC 4
  16. Mbox HD
  17. PCTV
  18. Star Gold HD
  19. Nollywood TV
  20. Z Cinema
  21. E Entertainment
  22. BEN Bridging The Gap
  23. BET
  24. TS Novella
  25. TS Movies HD
  26. TS Series

Kiddies Channels

  1. Nickelodeon
  2. CN Cartoon Network
  3. Disney Channel
  4. Boing
  5. Jimjam
  6. Baby TV
  7. Panda Biggs

Religion Channels

  1. Dove Television
  2. Emmanuel TV
  3. Sunna Tv
  4. Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries
  5. EWTN
  6. TBN Network

African Channels

  1. Riwa Ndu TV
  2. TS Hausa
  3. TS Igbo
  4. TS Yoruba

Other Channels

  1. Discovery Channel
  2. Nat Geo Gold
  3. AD
  4. National Geography Channel
  5. Discovery Health TV
  6. Fashion One
  7. AHTV

TSTV Subscription Packages and Prices

The image below shows subscription packages and prices for TSTV Cable TV. You can pay for subscription here on Quickteller, Official Selfcare or authorized shops around you.

TSTV subscription packages and prices

How to Become a TSTV Dealer in Nigeria

To register as a Dealer or Installer of TSTV Decoder, click here. For enquiry, here is TSTV Facebook page and here is the Twitter Page.

What are your thoughts….Drop comments below?

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  1. The ideology of TSTV is a welcome development in Nigeria. However, it would be awesome if TSTV will allow owners of other decoders like DSTV decoder, GoTV decoder, etc to swap it with TSTV decoder. This will enable almost everybody in Nigeria using other decoders to stop using them and start using only TSTV decoder.

  2. Hope if subscribe for 1 month it will last cos some may have constant power supply hope it won’t just finished in a short run?

  3. If one is interested in been a dealer and he or she do not have existing office or registered business name but he’s willing to register one and also have capital available can he be a dealer In of your products??

    • TSTV is ready and all hands are on deck. Click here to register as a dealer, their website is currently down, you can try later if it is not loading.

      More details will be revealed when it’s launched October 1st.

  4. Will TSTV be able to show “all matches”? as stated. Such as EPL, FA, CARLING CUP, LA-LIGA, KINGS CUP, BUNDERSLIGA ETC.

  5. I have read the whole gist, and it sound too goid to be true. We remeber HI tv came like this & left us in the loop. So my question is this: what gurantee can we have that tstv will stand the test if time? & my second question if am satisfied with d first answer is how can i be the SOLE disributor in Edo state?

    • TSTV is ready and all hands are on deck. Click here to register as a dealer, their website is currently down, you can try later if it is not loading.

      More details will be revealed when it’s launched October 1st.

      • Hello, TSTV I enjoy ur advert, but I hope the TSTV will not be like Hi- Tv that came for some months and disappeared n many of us d subscribers were much disappointed? I hope TSTV will not disappoint us thus!

  6. How long can all these Gigabytes last, for example if I subscribe for a day and my TV set/ decoder is on through out that day, can it last me for 24 hrs Or will the GB finish half way??

  7. How long can all these GB last, for example if I subscribe for a day and my TV set/ decoder is on through out that day, can it last me for 24 hrs Or will the GB finish half way??

  8. My question is since it’s a pay per view package whereby I can pause my sub in a situation where power supply is very poor, it’s means if I do monthly sub of 3k, d sub can b used for more than a month cos an example is my phcn prepaid meter which a times last me for 2months as a result of bad power supply

  9. Assuming I subscribe for a day n used it for few hours then pause it. Can it reach d second day or once is 24hours after subscription it will expire? Pls b precise n don’t Dodge d question. Wat abt animals stations?

  10. Am excited over this tstv development.. Bt I have some questions
    1.the pay as u watch does it mean if we subscribe for the one month package bt have limited usage for month due to power failure or travels will the one month subscription be extended to the next month?
    2.The free MB is it to be used with our phones via hotspot?

  11. This is a very nice idea,at least it will break d monopolistic power that the Dstv is using on Nigeria people especially on the issue of football in fact,am highly happy.Thanks to tstv but will it be functioning in Ondo town by that October 1st?.

  12. How I’d have love the dominance of data to be broken but tstv is not sincere with what they meant by pay as you use when one can not control the durability of the data. If only there is no expiration of the data, that’s when I can be live it is pay as you use.

    • OMG Nigeria sha, we should appreciate them at least no offer like this in Nigeria the sub are pocket friendly and no network carrier give 10gb for just 3k. They are awesome

  13. Where is their office in Lagos??? What is the data for? Is it like those android boxes where you stream matches?
    I need clarification

  14. can’t wait for tstv.
    Question 1
    In a situation whereby their is power cutoff while you where watching tstv, will the subscription pause or it will continue counting.?
    Question 2
    Does tstv uses configuration (I. E a port link) for set up?
    Question 3
    Where in port Harcourt can I get 1?

  15. Pls this ADEBAYO from Osun state, pls with full subscription of Tstv will iIe able to watch English premiership, Spanish la Liga, French League 1, German Bundesliga, champions league and other international sports

      • In a situation whereby their is power cutoff while you where watching tstv, will the subscription pause or it will continue counting.?
        Question 2
        Does tstv uses configuration (I. E a port link) for set up?
        Question 3
        Where in port Harcourt can I get 1?

        • Click HERE to see where to buy in PH.
          Yes, subscription will pause when you are not watching and it will continue when you are watching.
          It connects like DSTV, it uses a dish.

  16. Dear TSTV , I am from Iso bendeghe in Boki local government of cross River state. But base in ikom how can I become a dealer of TSTV decoders.

  17. It is a welcome development in Nigeria. At least it will break the monopoly. Please, I have registered on behalf of NASU FUTA cooperative as a President in Akure to be your dealer in Akure and other cities around but I have not receive any response to request

  18. Pls all i need to know is the venue at which the lunching is going to commence cos i must be present and can it work now in lagos and ogun state from first of october?

  19. pls with 3ooo subscription can one really watch it for a month without stoppage supposing there is steady light because DSTV is also planning ahead,i am watching epl with 1,900 access subscription on DSTV though they claim is a promo.

  20. My question is this, Will TSTV signal not be like normal 9ja syndrome where the signal will be be fluctuating up and down ,even there is rain?

    Will the subscription be done by phone or bank transaction only?

  21. but you said its pay as watch, so what is the essence of the subscription table above, because its shows that you will pay 3000 for one month and 1500 for 2weeks, pls what is the difference with others?

  22. im wondering about the connectivity, does it already have its internet connectivity or we are depending on these useless internet services being offered by the communication companies?

  23. I think the important think is for TsTv to bring all dstv channel and add more features like the internet, data as bonus and the price of subscription be drastically reduced, that will the dstv monopoly to die natural death

  24. For instance i make a subscription for a month but did not finish it be the expiry date & I decided to subscribe for two weeks package, will it still roll over or will start over. that’s my question, thanks

  25. how much is the dish or does paying for decoder also cover the price for the dish. How much is the installation and is ebony life TV and Africa magic on the cable network. Playing I hope reception will not be impaired by rain.

    • Decoder price covers the dish – 5000 Naira. Yes there is Ebony TV and Africa Magic. Weather factor affects most things sometimes even DSTV.

    • You can pause your subscriptions. When you subscribe, you get data bonuses which you can browse with. The decoder comes with a HotSopt and you can make video calls with it as well.

  26. I think this will be a great success,

    Nothing makes me wanna tryout TStv except the pause subscription feature and the 10GB data on subsequent subscriptions, after receiving 20GB on first purchase and subscription

  27. Pls, I need clarification on this one. If I subscribe for one month(#3000) it will not be possible for me to watch it for 24hrs everyday because I have to go work. Will it be possible for me to pause mon-fri (one month) while I am in my office and watch while I am at home. If yes, for how long.

  28. Very funny.. TSTV is just the talk in the town since last week. I can wait to enjoy their network’s wifi in surfing the net.. Glo has really annoyed me alot

  29. I can see you have monthly, weekly, etc bouquets. Since it is “pay as you go”, why having the time related bouquets? Suppose you do not use the monthly bouquet till the end of the month, what happens to your subscription?

  30. Must one watch all the channels? I think there should be lower bouquet of 1000, 1500 or 2000 a month for indigents

  31. Let assume the subscription finished is it possible for someone to continue watching all the Chanel since you said the subscription is for browsing… And hope they can’t hack the TSTV like that of HITV?

  32. What’s the frequency at which we can track tstv and of which simbol rate secondly has anyone successfully installed it?

  33. Hello admin. Since it pay as you watch does it mean it’s possible for me to exhaust my one month subscription within 20 days depending on how long i watch for that 20 days.

    • No, you can’t. The one month sub is fixed for 30 days, you can even make it up o 37 days if you paused your subscription for a maximum of 7 days.

  34. Admin is yet to tell us how this cable works. If you call something pay as you watch, why do we having 2weeks, 1day and a month sub? Is just like MTN give you bonus with condition of using it before a week. When you called something pay as you watch, it should last me any or less depending on how it’s being used. Does that means one channel will be consuming data than other? Why 1500 is for 2weeks? Why do we have daily package? C’mon! Though the idea is perfect okay but shouldn’t be labelled as pay as you watch. unless if admin can convince me with full details of explanations. Where can I get it in ogun state?

  35. Can I buy the decoder in plateau state and bring it down to Nasarawa state now Dat it’s been launched and Nasarawa is not mentioned in the 22 states?

  36. Please dose tstv have a free channel and do it work effective if it raining and also where can I get it in Enugu

  37. Please on what band is tstv running on, does whether conditions effect the viewing, also can i possible connect the decoder to my dstv allready mounted dish, or i need an entire new installation

  38. This is quite refreshing… my question is, Why is there only one Muslim channel?
    DSTV has atleast two and I still have a problem with that. That’s not fair, I feel like we should have more channel options. Thanks.

  39. If this is pay as you watch as you rightly said, my understanding of pay as you watch is that if you subscribe for a month it will take you as long as you turn on your decoder to watch irrespective of how long it takes you to exhaust the subscription. Please clarify.

  40. Tstv is a welcome thing in Nigeria. We must send dstv packing. Please if I subscribe for 7 days option, I watched it for 3 days and I traveled for days. Can the remaining 4 days be watched when I return even if it enters another month

  41. Wow am so happy to hear this pls when are we going to see it in ilorin, people in Ilorin cannot wait any longer again we really need it

  42. does it mean if u subscribe for a month and u get 10gb…does it mean if u finish your 10gb before month end u go subscribe again..


  44. This is lovely of d tstv, and also good innovation but some of us are trying to entertain some fears as regarding d guarantee and d continuity ,not that after we have much trust on d satellite and later disappointed, there by making us d objects of caricature to other network at d end.

  45. If I did not use it at all in that month or week I subscribe it maybe I travel. .. And later on it after a month or week I came back is it gonna show?

  46. Welldone TSTV, Kudos to you guys. Finally we have being delivered by a Nigerian company from the hands of our captives….DSTV

  47. This is gonna knock somw sense into DSTV as regards their outrageous prices. And since you guys are showing EPL and the UCL, then am getting one soon. However i have to ask, will the decoders won’t sell out.

  48. TSTV …wit all diz packages, is designed to really take over and more importantly, deliver cable Tv users from d hands of d extortionist (DSTV). am throwing away d Gotv thing and buying TSTV outright

  49. Unlike telecom network where we have more than one line. If Mtn services fail you switch to glo etc. So is cable tv going to be. Have dstv, tstv, etc. I remember then Mtn sim was sold for more than 10,000, before others like glo came and there were healthy competition, today line is free with airtime in it. And no more per minute billing but pay as you go.
    Thanks to TSTV.

    • You are very correct Elijah S. Also note that TSTV service from what I’ve seen is far more superior as it is DTH (direct to home) technology with C-band transponders (which is resilient to bad weather), as opposed to DSTV’s Ku band. Truly remarkable

  50. 1. Any idea the about the Operating system that TSTV set top box (decoder) is using?

    2. Confirm that the box has 50Gb internal storage

  51. fantastic development, i pray it come and stay. our government shouldnt allow the foe of this development to overcome this idea

  52. Maximum of 37 days for a monthly subscription before it expires cannot be regarded as Pay As U Watch. Time expiration is wrong here,one should be able to watch as long as possible till the finish of the subscription. Pls reply to this,many Nigerian want to know your opinion about it.

  53. When will they start selling tstv decoders / dish? Because l have contact the dealers in my state cross River they said that the decoders are not yet out.

  54. HI. After the launch, tstv currently has no sport channels. Will it come later and does it include NBA live matches? Thanks

  55. How come that it’s only Sunnah channel that is there for the Muslims, what happen to Islam Channel and Iqra English?

  56. I registered as a Retailer on your website since Wednesday last week and I am yet to get a response from TSTV. I followed up by filling the form at the Contact Us page of your website. I still did not get any response. My Company Name is DATAPLUS INTERGRATED SYSTEMS LTD. TEL: 07032224464, 08023137948, 08098110064. Waiting to hear from you

  57. Can 2 people use the data at the same time. Does it need an AV wire to connect to the phone for video calls and other internet activities.

  58. Please are there channels that will showcase Indian series in Hindi? Not translated ones like zee world, are there any original indian channels like colors TV, starplus,zee TV, SET Asia and co?

  59. I sincerely appreciate the efforts put together to make sure that we have a TV satellite of our own. That not withstanding, I am nursing doubts to the durability, meaning that, I am not sure it will stand the test of time, if it will, that will be great.

    Secondly,, if I purchase the Decorder and dish, can it be functional anywhere in Nigeria, Benue state in particular. I will be glad to get one immediately if the answers are positive. 07068673950… I can also be a dealer and can help distribute it as far as I can for patriotic sake….. For Nigeria and Nigerians.

  60. Hello Admin, I’ve been reading through the comments and noticed you laid so much emphasis on the fact that the internet data is a bonus package from the TSTv team.
    I sincerely hope this isn’t a bait for subscribers to get on then you suddenly state that the bonus package is off, or then you decide to start levying us on the data usage as well? Afterall, It’s just an added “bonus” to tv monthly subscription.
    Kindly clarify on these issue. Thanks

  61. #3000 monthly subscription is high. Am suggesting that u create a package of #1500 monthly subscription for those that cannot afford 3000.

  62. Hello tstv, I have not heard any thing again from you gays. what is happening? The last time you said you were going to commence the distribution of free five thousand decoders so have gays did that?

  63. I hope this TStv does not turn out to be a scam. Nigerians can be gullible. Praising and jubilating over what we’re yet to see.
    How many times have they changed their date of take-off? 2ce or 3ce or more? This is becoming a case of “seeing is believing”.

  64. this subscription is limited…one can finish their 2GB data in a day….which brings the question—how much is consumed in one minute of OTG stream?..dstv charges 1-4MB in a minute depending on HD of d channels watched OTG.

  65. Hello I am Mr Barry from ikom in cross River state is it true that beIN sports is not having an agreement with tstv

  66. in as much as this sounds good to us, don’t forget that nothing goes for nothing I this country. it’s wonderful package but I believe it’s possible to exhaust the 3k even before month end since it’s pay as u go. just the way I am reasoning…clear us on this sir

  67. I have been enjoying my tstv free channels over a month a bought it, but suddenly for 3 days now it’s showing no signal.
    please admin is there any network issue?


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  70. Can the signal be good in Ikoyi,ikire and apomu , all in osun state boundary with oyo state ( asejire dam area, along ife road)

  71. Pls. How many football league can we watch on tstv and can it possible to subscribe for football stations only? Thanks.

  72. How much is the dish and other necessary stuffs apart from the decoder and where are you located in portharcourt

  73. Maximum of 37 days for a monthly
    subscription before it expires cannot
    be regarded as Pay As U Watch. Time
    expiration is wrong here,one should be
    able to watch as long as possible till
    the finish of the subscription. Pls reply
    to this,many Nigerian want to know
    your opinion about it.

  74. Please admin,

    Can one who already own a Dstv Dish and Cable just buy TSTV Decoder subscribe to it will it still work ? or Do I need a fresh Dish and Cable to watch from the new TSTV Decoder ?.

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