Unboxing Transsion Holdings’ New Office in Shanghai, China.

Transsion Holdings China

Transsion Holdings recently sponsored a group of popular consumer Tech players to Shanghai, China and yours truly was there to represent HowToTechNaija.

Transsion Holdings China
Picture with TECNO Mobile General Manager, Stephen Ha

Let’s take a look at what we learned from our trip to Transsion Holdings headquarters.

Tour of Transsion Holdings in Shanghai, China

Transsion Holdings recently moved to a new office, 2 high rise 10 storey buildings in Shanghai.

Transsion Holdings China Tour
A look at the New Office from afar, Shanghai – China

They also shared a brief history with us. Now, contrary to what you may have heard, George Zhu Zhaojiang founded Transsion Holdings in July 2006 which was originally dubbed TECNO TELECOM LIMITED. Asides TECNO, Transsion Holdings went on to become the mother company of a handful of other business units including ITEL, INFINIX, SPICE, ORAIMO, CARLCARE, e.t.c.


Transsion Holdings CEO
Mr George Zhu Zhaojiang, CEO Transsion Holdings. Image Credit – abla

A closer look inside the new Transsion Office

Transsion Office, Shanghai

Going further inside the building

Transsion Office, Shanghai

We visited some of the testing labs at Transsion. It’s impressive how much work goes into ensuring that every mobile device meets all the quality standards.

Transsion Office, Shanghai
An Engineer at work

A closer look at another laboratory

Transsion Holdings Office, Shanghai
A Laboratory, Transsion

We went further and saw more laboratory machines

Transsion Office, Shanghai

Tour of Shangai City, China Courtesy Transsion

We also got a tour of Shanghai, check out the amazing view of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and old China town in our photo gallery shot with the TECNO Phantom 8.

Transsion Office, Shangai
Shanghai, China


Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, TECNO Mobile
Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The temperatures were freezing in Shanghai, thanks to the thick coat and head warmer, we kept warm.

Shanghai TECNO Mobile
Shanghai TECNO Mobile

Fresh fruits, these were really appealing to the eye

Shanghai, Transsion
Shanghai, China

Dinner with the team

Shanghai, TECNO Mobile
Dinner with the Team

Shanghai is a beautiful city and I would definitely visit in the nearest future again. Thanks to TECNO Mobile and Transsion for the awesome experience.

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