2020 New Year Resolution Ideas to Adopt

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Firecrackers everywhere, joyous celebrations rent the air. It’s that season again, it’s a new year. WELCOME TO 2020! I wish you a most productive year ahead. There are different things that make up a new year’s package. One of them is definitely a new year resolution, we know how hard this can get and we will be sharing with you new year resolution ideas.

A new year resolution is a medium of making up for your past year’s failure. It refers to a written or learnt plan that highlights what we want to do in a particular year. Did you resolve to engage in new ventures the past year? Did you fail to make spectacular changes the year before? A new year resolution is a perfect way to get your life on track.

Before you write a new year resolution, you need to think deeply and write feasible ones. It is quite useless to list things you cannot achieve. You need to look at the kind of lifestyle you live. If your resolutions do not sync with the lifestyle, it is a no-no.

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If you’re confused as to what resolution to adopt, this article will guide you on top new year resolution ideas.

Top 2020 New Year Resolution Ideas

This is a list of feasible new year resolutions we think you should consider.

Weight Loss

This is a resolution that should be considered by people who are particular overweight or obese. Many health conditions emanate from obese ranging from having difficulty in breathing, diabetes, frequent leg pains to arthritis and others. It is a big concern you are limited to doing a lot of things because of your weight.

There are ways to solve challenges caused by your obesity. Engaging in exercise is one of them. This might be strenuous but you need to persevere.  Also, starting a diet program is highly recommended. Doing these two consistently is sure to give you positive results.

Healthier Foods

If you’re someone who has been consuming lots of junks, it is really time to reduce or even stop your junk consumption. Also, you need to eat less if you have been consuming a lot before. Only eat to kill your hunger and not to leave you bloated after hours. Consume the right nutrients but do not opt for foods considered dangerous for one’s health e.g cholesterol.

Quit Procrastinating

“Procrastination is a thief of time.” Does that ring any bell? A large number of us are guilty of procrastinating every day. I am also guilty of this. This is why many of us have been unable to reach our goals or complete tasks assigned to us. You do not have to wait until the last minute before you do the necessary things.

You need to snap out of procrastinating because it is an addictive vice which is really hard to stop if you start engaging in it.

Make New Friends

Many of us consider going out, meeting new people and making new friends a stressful task. I personally consider it an extreme sport. I mean, I’d rather be holed up in my room checking my social media feeds and laughing heartily when I come across funny or dramatic tweets. However, man is a social animal and should, therefore, act like one.

Apart from the fact that meeting new people is fun, it is an opportunity to network with others. A career-driven person understands that this is one way to advance one’s career. Sell yourself to the world by pitching your ideas and what you represent or stand for.

Also, it is a medium of learning new things and sharing knowledge with one another. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to learn?

Make More Income

 The current economic terrain means that you cannot afford to have one business venture to survive. It is advisable to find more means to make more money. It can be a side hustle which doesn’t clash with your main one. You can work as a freelancer on the internet. Whatever rocks your boat.

Sleep More

This is a personal fav for me because I am a night crawler who barely sleeps 3 hours a day. We need to get more sleep to remain healthy. On a normal run, we are meant to sleep for at least 8 hours per day but different factors like technology, traffic hold-ups (Sorry Lagosians), external environment etc. hamper us from getting good sleep.

Dear kings and queens, we need to sleep more and be healthier.

New Year Resolution Ideas – Read More

Garnering more knowledge should be one of our favourite things to do and books are great ways of seeking for more. Whatever genre of book, you’re sure to learn something new. No man is an island of knowledge. Therefore, you need to read more and learn more.

Find a Partner

 The role of a partner is quite underrated. You might be having a bad day at the office and you want to talk to someone.  Friends and colleagues might be supportive but it is nothing compared to emotional bonding. You need someone to hold conversations with, share secrets, let steam off, laugh and cry together.

Finding a partner is a trial and error matter. You need to study a bunch of potential partners, check their pros and cons and settle for THE ONE.

Improve Your Sex Life

Intimacy is a feature of a relationship but are you hitting it right? Studies have shown that sex is a great way to keep individuals mentally and physically healthy. Shouldn’t this be your ultimate goal?

You need to make it a memorable experience. It has to be something both of you long to do always.

Become More Organized

If you’re someone like me whose room is always disorganized, get in here. This is something that needs to be worked upon. Being disorganized might negatively impact on your productivity. Therefore, it is recommended to become organized and live a tidier life.

Clear Your Debts

Financial freedom is really desirable but you can only achieve that if you pay your debts. It requires planning and depriving yourself or some essentials but you should really do it. It is a way to move forward in the new year. There is this feeling of achievement you’ll have after clearing your debts.

New Year Resolution Ideas – Start Saving

This is quite important. The ‘rainy day’ has become quite frequent and you need to guard against it by saving. No amount is too small to save. You can get a local piggybank (Kolo) or you can sign up for online saving schemes. With this saving scheme, you might be able to afford that luxury you desire and settle emergency funds.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

There is no better thing than connecting with people who matter to you. Pay them visits, organize hangouts, do voice or video calls. Just make sure that you do not distance yourself from them.

New Year Resolution Ideas – Learn New Skills

The Nigerian situation means that you can’t afford to be complacent. Go out of your comfort zone and learn new things. They really come in handy especially when it comes to problem-solving. Technology is the real deal now so you might lean toward learning new skills related to technology. Examples include digital marketing, HTML coding, software development, etc.

These are some of the feasible new year resolution ideas you can adopt.

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