Top Focusing Apps That You Should Have For Study Purposes


Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles almost all of us face when we’re studying. This happens due to various reasons and can lead to wasting almost all the time we have for our preparation.

The worst among these reasons is perhaps our smartphone. With easy-to-access applications and constant notifications popping up on the screen, a smartphone does make it difficult to concentrate while you’re studying.

But what if you have an application that makes it easier for you to focus? Well, that’s what focusing apps are about. These apps are designed to mitigate users from using other applications, particularly social media sites, when activated.

They come with some amazing features, which make them quite useful. Each app is designed to offer specific functionality in terms of limiting distracting usage of your smartphone. We’ll be checking these out below but before that, get yourself a good internet connection so that you can keep these activated on your devices.

For that, we’d recommend going for Xfinity since it has good speed tiers that you can check out. Simply call Xfinity phone number and get a plan to get started. With that, let’s look at the apps we’re talking about:


One of the amazing applications to get is Freedom. As the name suggests, it gives you freedom from distractions and gives you more time to actually focus on your study or necessary tasks. Instead of blocking apps, you can simply activate the app to achieve this goal.

It allows you to create a block list where you can add apps and websites you don’t want to access while studying. When ready, you can activate the app by setting the timer for your session. In addition, it comes with a Lockdown mode that makes it impossible to edit the block list.

It’s truly a great app for total concentration. However, you only get 6 free sessions, and availing more will need you to buy the app.

Cold Turkey Blocker

If you’re persistently using social media apps or viewing different websites instead of studying, this app is for you. Cold Turkey Blocker covers a wide range of blocking abilities, from sites to work-related apps.

You also get a cold turkey mode that makes your device inaccessible until you log into it again. However, it’s not a website extension; you’ll have to install it again for different devices. But the level of blocking it offers is amazing.

If you want, you can even turn on a mode where it’s impossible to uninstall the app when the session is in play. You’ll need to buy the pro version to acquire high-end features.


Forest is an innovative app that not only motivates you to reduce your phone usage but also helps you build a good habit of growing plants and trees. When activated, you’ll need to set the timer for which you want your session to last.

Once the session begins, it starts planting a tree. The catch is that the tree will die if you use any other application during the session. If not, then the tree grows and is planted in a virtual landscape, your very own virtual garden.

It looks beautiful when you have so many plants and trees of different kinds planted in the landscape. Surely, you won’t want a dead tree there, would you? That’s why it’s a great app that you can get to minimize your phone usage.


If you’re worried about mismanaging your time, don’t be because now you know of RescueTime. This amazing app helps you record the data for where you’ve spent your time while using your device.

It comes with a focus session feature that allows you to create categories for frequently used apps. From productive to distracting and very distracting, you can add applications according to their level of distraction.

Once the session begins, the app will block the sites/ apps according to how you’ve sorted them. Moreover, it also tracks your activity based on what sites you’re interacting with so that it can calibrate your usage.

Doing this gives tips to remove distracting habits, which is a plus point. The app is amazing; however, it does not offer distraction blocking with its free version.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, it all comes down to your effort to fortify your focus. However, with the apps mentioned above, you can get assistance overcoming distractions, helping you be more productive during your study hours.

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