TikTok Notes is Officially Rolling Out in Australia and Canada

tiktok notes

TikTok’s photo app and Instagram rival, TikTok Notes is officially rolling out. “We’re in the early stages of experimenting with a dedicated space for photo and text content with TikTok Notes,” the company announced in a tweet on Wednesday. “Starting today, TikTok Notes is available for download and limited testing in Australia and Canada.”

From the images shown, TikTok Notes is essentially a photo version of the TikTok app. The homepage has two sections – For You and Following feed. The “For You” tab is an algorithm-curated feed consisting of posts from accounts you could be possibly interested in or the ones you have interacted with. The “Following” feed shows pictures from accounts you follow. This is like Instagram and users can post single photos or multiple photos together in a carousel. TikTok Notes listing is already on the App Store and Google Play.

We hope that the TikTok community will use TikTok Notes to continue sharing their moments through photo posts,” the company shared in the tweet announcing the app. “Whether documenting adventures, expressing creativity, or simply sharing snapshots of one’s day, the TikTok Notes experience is designed for those who would like to share and engage through photo content.”

News of TikTok Notes surfaced earlier in April when some users were notified of the new incoming app. Not many details were provided but TikTok said their existing and future public photos will now be shown on TikTok Notes.

TikTok Notes is launching at a time when photographers are frustrated with their Instagram app. Instagram started as a photo app but pivoted to videos, limiting the reach of photos on the app. With TikTok Notes being a dedicated photo app, it will be interesting to see how creators use the new platform.

TikTok did not provide information on when the app will reach the US, and other markets but it is expected to happen soon.

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