TikTok Is Giving Creators New Ways to Label AI-generated Content

tiktok ai generated content

As the use of generative AI continues to spread rapidly on the internet and social media, TikTok is intensifying efforts to support transparency and responsible content creation on its platform. On Tuesday, the company announced it is launching a new tool that gives creators the option to label AI-generated content. The company is also working on new ways to automatically label AI-generated content.

With the new tool launching this week, creators can use the new label (or other types of disclosures, like a sticker or caption) to inform their community when they post AI-generated content. To comply with its Community Guidelines, TikTok says creators are required to label AI-generated content “that contains realistic images, audio or video, in order to help viewers contextualize the video and prevent the potential spread of misleading content.”

TikTok says it will release educational videos and resources over the coming weeks to help creators learn how to use the new tool. “Over time, we hope they will become another tool that creators and viewers use to share and contextualize content, similar to verified account badges and branded content labels.”

Apart from giving creators the option to label AI-generated content, the company says it will begin testing an AI-generated label that automatically appears when its systems detect a video is edited or created with AI. Henceforth, TikTok AI effects will now have “AI” in their name and corresponding effect labels, the company says.

The use of AI on the internet for content has created some confusion. In March, some swagged-out pictures of the pope circulated on Twitter (Now X), which left many people wondering what is what. Recently, AI-generated songs of Drake and The Weeknd have also gone viral.

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