Meta’s Threads Is Now Available in Europe


More than five months after its launch in over 100 countries, including the US and the UK, Meta’s Threads is finally available in the European Union. “Today we’re opening Threads to more countries in Europe,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post on Threads. The text-based social network is yet to arrive for many in the EU on Google Play or the App Store, but it can be accessed on the web through

When accessed via, people in the EU have two ways to use threads – they can continue with their Instagram account or use Threads without a profile. Connecting the Instagram account will allow users to post and interact on Threads, but choosing to go without a profile will not provide that option. At its original launch in July, Threads was locked with Instagram, meaning users who wanted to delete their Threads account would lose their Instagram account. Meta rolled out a feature that let users on Threads delete their accounts without removing their Instagram account in November, but the platforms are still connected.

Threads launch in the EU

Meta’s delay in launching Threads in the European Union is reportedly due to the bloc’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) that takes effect in 2024. The DMA mandates giant tech companies, called “Gatekeepers”, to comply with certain rules and regulations to operate in the European Union. While this has not been stated explicitly by Meta, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the delay was due to “the complexities with complying with some of the laws coming into effect next year,” in an interview with The Verge in July.

Like X (formerly Twitter), Threads lets users make posts with up to 500 characters, including links, photos, and up to five-minute-long videos. In just five days, the social network gained more than 100 million users, but its engagement has since dropped. Threads launch and growth have coincided with the constant chaos happening on Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). After being involved in an antisemitic controversy, key advertisers suspended their activities on the platform and Musk responded to them by saying “Go fuck yourself.” With Threads now finally available in the EU, it would be interesting to see how the social network goes toe to toe with X.

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