Things to Consider When Buying a New Laptop in 2018

things to consider when buying a new laptop

Things to consider when buying a new laptop. Some people buy a new laptop computer and later regret buying. They discover on the long run that the computer cannot do so many things they would like to do with it. I’ve seen people who love playing heavy games buying a laptop that is meant for smaller tasks, and I have also seen people who just wants to use their computer for simple tasks shelling out huge cash on expensive Laptops with dope specifications just for the sake for it.

It is very important to have in mind the type of computer you want and specifications before buying. Here are the things to consider before getting a new laptop.

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  1. Money: Yeah, money. Without your money how do you want to buy one? Your budget plays a major role in the kind of laptop you want to buy. To buy a computer with any specification of your choice you need to have enough money with you. The amount you have now leads to you choosing other specifications.


  1. Size: Do you want a computer with a big, medium or portable size? You need to ask yourself this question. There are notebooks, mini laptops, etc. The size of a laptop determines its screen size too. Averagely most screen sizes are between 14” to 15.6 inches.
  1. Screen Resolution: You need to know how you want the images displaying on your computer to look like! You can either go for the full HD display or lesser ones like 1366 * 768.

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  1. Graphic Card: If you are going to be using the computer for heavy gaming or graphics work then you surely need one that comes with a dedicated graphics card. Nvidia or AMD quickly comes to mind. Nvidia graphics are purposely made for gaming and you get the best HD game qualities when playing with their dedicated graphic cards.
  1. CPU: Intel and AMD readily comes to mind. Personally I prefer going for computers with Intel CPU. The least type of Intel CPU you should go is core i3. If you are going to be using the computer for running heavy applications and multitasking then core i5 or i7 will serve you better. Of course buying laptops with this type of processor costs more money.
  1. Storage capacity: HDD (Hard Disk Drives) or SSD (Solid State Drives), you can either go for one of the two. Hard drives have been around for long but people are using the modern one that is the Solid State Drive now. SSD’s are more expensive and faster than HDD, so it’s still all about your money. After that, you can go for any capacity you want, be it 500GB or 1TB.
  1. RAM: How can we forget this? The RAM generally determines the speed of your computer. 4GB should be your benchmark. You might regret going for anything below that.
  1. Battery Life: You must have seen some people having a laptop with batteries lasting like 6hrs even under heavy usage. If you are not really good at reading capacities and battery ratings take note of a laptop lasting longer, ask the owner for the battery specs, put that in mind and try to get something closer when going to buy your computer.
  1. USB Ports, Wireless & Bluetooth and Peripheral ports: You should go for a computer having at least 3 USB ports, there are times you need to connect some peripherals to your computer and these ports will come in handy. Check for things like webcams, SD card port, WI-FI and Bluetooth if your computer comes with them.

There you go! Those are the things to consider when buying a new laptop. We would like to read your views, please drop comments below. Thank you!

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