The Witcher Season 3 Will Start Streaming in June

The Witcher Netflix

The Witcher season 3 finally has a premiere date. Netflix debuted a trailer today for what will be Henry Cavill’s last dance as Geralt of Rivia in the fantasy series. Netflix had previously announced in 2022 that the hit series’ third season would arrive in the summer of 2023, but we now have a definite release date.

Like the fourth season of Stranger Things, The Witcher season 3 will be divided into two parts. The first volume, with five episodes, premieres on Netflix on June 29th, while the remaining three episodes will be available on July 27th. In the teaser trailer, Geralt finally admits to knowing what real fear is for the first time.

Fans of the fantasy series will be eager to see Cavill as Geralt for the last time when season three premieres in June. Liam Hemsworth will replace Cavill in the show’s fourth season, which has already been confirmed even though the third season is yet to premiere.

Netflix released the spinoff Blood Origin in 2022 to tell the story of the events of the first Witcher, 1200 years before Geralt. The streaming giant is also working on an animated series as it builds on expanding the Witcher franchise.

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