The Last of Us Part 2 Has Had More Pre-orders than Marvel’s Spider-Man During the Same Period

the last of us part ii

Marvel’s Spider-Man is considered to be on the best PS4 Exclusives of all time and it is also the best-selling superhero game in US history. According to Sony, The Last of Us Part 2 has gotten more pre-orders than Spider-Man did during the same time before launch despite major leaks online.

In an interview with CNET, Sony Interactive Entertainment chief, Jim Ryan says Sony has “tallied more preorders in Europe for The Last of Us Part 2 than it did for Marvel’s Spider-Man at the same point before its launch.”

We hope this’ll be a defining game for this generation,” Ryan said, in the chat about The Last of Us Part 2.

Back in April, major cutscenes of the game were leaked online causing outrage online about some plots of the game. The hackers were said to be disgruntled employees at Naughty Dog but Sony later identified them saying they are not affiliated with the company or Sony. Ever-since, Naughty Dog has blocked comments on posts on its social media and trailers released on YouTube. The company has also started using Twitter’s new feature which limits replies from certain accounts.

The Last of Us Part is scheduled for a June 19 release. Last week, Director Neil Druckmann detailed the gameplay of the game and also showed new 8-minutes gameplay. Earlier, Naughty Dog showcased a story trailer showing the turbulent journey ahead for Ellie.

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