Top 10 FPS Games for iPhone and iPad

With Apple launching devices with better specs, people have seen these products as excellent platforms for gaming. With this in mind, developers have come up with various game titles under all genres. First Person Shooters or FPS are some of the dominant genres of gaming. …

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Huawei trial for fraud

Huawei Punishes Employees After iPhone Tweet Scandal

Huawei Technologies has demoted two of its employees after tweeting New Year greetings on the phone’s manufacturers Twitter account with an iPhone. The company, whose P series battles with Apple’s iPhone shocked its followers with a message saying “Happy#2019” in a tweet sent “via iPhone.” …

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show battery percentage on iPhone XS Max - show battery percentage on iPhone XS

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

Looking for how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS? We got you covered. When Apple announced the new line up of iPhones, a lot where expected and a few things were a surprise. Losing the battery percentage indicator was one of the surprises. I …

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