iPhone 11 colour options

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

How do you show battery percentage on iPhone 11? Apple announced the device as a successor to its last year’s iPhone XR which its claim is the most popular smartphone in the world from last year at its September 2019 event. The designs from last …

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tweakbox app

How to install TweakBox App on iPhone

TweakBox is one of the top-rated app installers for iOS mobile devices. It offers users access to applications, games, and other content they won’t find in the official app store. That’s because many of the apps have been modified with extra features, making the stock …

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iphone 11 design

Apple’s 2019 iPhone 11 Design Leaked

It’s no longer news that Apple’s iPhone 11 design is quite egregious and “an aesthetic nightmare”. Of course, a robust tech powers the ugly new bulge; however, the real potential of this design is now unfolding.  Graphic designer Hasan Kaymak, examining the not-so-flattering supply chain leaks (like iPhone 11 …

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Top 10 FPS Games for iPhone and iPad

With Apple launching devices with better specs, people have seen these products as excellent platforms for gaming. With this in mind, developers have come up with various game titles under all genres. First Person Shooters or FPS are some of the dominant genres of gaming. …

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