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iTunes is the classical tool to transfer files among Apple devices. However, this APP lacks major features, thus its ability of data transfer cannot satisfy its users anymore. Comparing with other programs with a simple and intuitive interface, iTunes UI still looks very complicated. Also, various iTunes errors happen time to time. I bet you can understand the feeling of being unable to connect your iPhone to iTunes when you need to import a movie for offline playback.

Luckily, iTunes is not the only solution for iPhone data transfer. Some iTunes alternative software like MacX MediaTrans could be the one that works much better than iTunes. Let’s check its amazing features.

sync iphone to mac with macx mediatrans

Sync Video and Auto-Convert Video Format

Does anyone ever encounter the problem of failing to put the downloaded movie to your iPhone? I did. The movie that I downloaded in encoded in MKV, a format rejected by Apple, iTunes. Then I turned to MacX MediaTrans for help and it worked perfectly! There is an inbuilt video converter in this Mac app which converts the MKV and other non-Apple video formats to MP4 automatically. You don’t need to buy the video converter software and waste time converting the video format beforehand. Of course, MacX MediaTrans can also transfer the iPhone videos to your Mac to free up space on iPhone.

sync iphone to mac with MacX Mediatrans

Import/Export Music and Manage Playlist

iPhone is the ideal device for playing music. However, iTunes only performs one-way synchronization to your iPhone. If the songs are only found on your iPhone and aren’t on your Mac, they will be deleted. Regarded as the best iTunes alternative for Mac, MacX MediaTrans never allow this horrible thing to occur when you sync music with this tool. You are free to import music from your Mac to iPhone or export the songs from iPhone to Mac. No data will be erased! Better yet, MacX MediaTrans gives you more control over your music playlist than iTunes. For instance, the users can delete, create, edit music playlist, modify artists and albums in batch. You can even make iPhone ringtone in this tool.

backup iPhone to iTunes with macx mediatrans

Backup iPhone Photo at Lighting Speed

We recorded those memorial moments with photos. Do make a backup for them in case of iPhone broken, stolen or any possible data loss. For people who have thousands of photos in their devices, syncing photos with iTunes can be a very time-consuming process. Boosted by its core technology, MacX MediaTrans is able to achieve 5-9X faster photo transfer speed than iTunes, making it one of the fastest tool to sync iPhone to Mac. For instance, it just takes 30 seconds to transfer 1000 HD photos from iPhone to Mac. In addition, the photos will be converted to JPG format when being exported from iPhone with MacX Mediatrans. 

MacX MediaTrans features

Surprising Bonus Features – Data Encryption

Most of us have some private photos, videos and other files which we need to keep in secret. It is extremely important to guard their security. In this case, you can take advantage of the “Data Encryption” feature in MacX MediaTrans. Just move any type of documents in the program and you can protect them with passwords. AES and RSA encryption techs are applied to ensure your data will never be hacked.

If you are always troubled by iTunes when syncing iPhone to Mac computer, why not switch to MacX MediaTrans for a free trial? I am sure you will be impressed by its convenience and lighting data transferring speed.

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