Stellar Photo Recovery Does What Its Name Says

stellar photo recovery software

You may probably have come across many photo recovery software but only a few are reliable. Stellar Photo Recovery is a software which can be downloaded on Mac and Windows for professionals and just anyone who works with videos and pictures and would like to recover or repair lost and damaged files.

System Requirements for Stellar Photo Recovery

Before we go further, let’s take a look at the minimum system requirements for you to install the Photo Recovery software.

  • OS – supports latest and older versions of Mac (Mojave) and Windows (10) OS
  • Processor – Intel
  • RAM – 2GB but 4GB recommended
  • Hard Disk space – minimum 200MB
  • License – One for a system
  • Language – available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

It should also be noted that this software works on encrypted hard drives as it works on unencrypted ones.

So, I will just go straight into my usage experience with the software. I installed the download dmg file on my Mac OS Mojave and there was no problem. After installing and launching it, you will see the interface as shown below. By default, it is set to recover all multimedia files, this includes your photos, video and audio files.

stellar photo recovery software

Click on the gear icon above to bring it out the settings. By default, all options are ticked but you can untick based on your own preferences.

Going further into the Settings, you can select and unselect photo, video and audio format options so the software only scans format you want to recover (applicable to Deep Scan)

stellar photo recovery software settings

Picture Formats Supported by Stellar Photo Recovery

The software supports all possible formats available raining from the normal jpeg to Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji, Corel Photos and many more. See the images below for some of the supported picture formats.

How to Use Stellar Photo Recovery to Recover Files

Plug-in your external drive, SD card or any drive you want to recover your lost files from and launch the software. It only takes 1-2 seconds and it starts. After selecting the file type, you want to recover, click on Next at the bottom far right. The available drives and connected external storage drives in now shown.

Stellar Photo recovery software drive locations

In this case I want to recover videos I recently deleted from my flash drive named BIODUN, and if possible, long time videos that have been deleted from the flash the 8GB flash drive.

I scanned normally and it wasn’t up to a minute before the software recovered deleted videos. They were some downloaded series I copied for a friend and deleted like 5 days ago and everything was recovered with no file missing.

Stellar Photo recovery scan results

I probed further, this time around turning on Deep Scan. Deep Scan has 7 stages, it scans the connected drive critically to make sure it doesn’t miss anything. Scanning my 8GB flash drive took like 5 minutes in total for the 7 stages but I think the higher the capacity of the connected storage drive, the longer time Deep Scan takes to scan.

Stella photo and video recovery deep scan

Finally, the results came out, I selected only the file I wanted to recover and it ask to browse a location on Mac to save the file – I chose my desktop. It created a root folder and the video was saved inside.

Stellar Photo Recovery software can be downloaded here. See the pricing plans below.

Stellar photo recovery software pricing

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