Coronavirus Pandemic Pushes Steam to an All-time 20 Million Active Users

steam ends support for windows xp and windows vista

As COVID-19 hits hard around the world, people have been advised to stay home in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. While people are staying home, what are they doing? Over the weekend, Valve’s gaming platform, Steam recorded an all-time 20,313,451 24-hr peak users with nearly 6.4 million of them involved in a game.

Steam record users

The previous record of 19 million is barely over a month ago and it is not surprising to see steam break its own record once again. This normally happens when new games are released or Steam is having a major sales event, since none of this happened it is only logical this record happened as a result of people spending more time at home on Steam.

The 6.4 million active gamers recorded is still some way behind Steam’s all-time 7.2 million users involved in a game or the other back in January 1, 2018. Steam reports a total of 1,024,845 concurrent players Counter-Strike: Global Offensive making it the most popular title over the weekend. Dota 2 and PUGB comes second and third hitting 701,632 and 515,050 respectively.

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