Top 5 Spying Apps to Catch Your Unfaithful Partner Red-Handed

The habit of people spying on partners is increasing due to the fact that extramarital affairs are rising and nearly 33% of married people commit infidelity at some point in time in their marriage. It is also disappointing that more than 60% of people think that they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught. This will make you believe that even your partner can commit infidelity if you don’t keep hold of them.

This is insane, you cannot watch people 24/7, and you cannot be on their side if they keep lying to you. The best way to catch your partner red-handed is a mobile spying app which will be the watchdog to your partner’s activities on their cell phone remotely.

Here are the top 5 spying apps which will help you to monitor closely what you partner is up to.

Best Spying Apps to Monitor Your Partner


spying apps for android and iphone

XNSPY is the best mobile spying software which is 90% accurate in execution. This spy app has a cache of features to keep your spying needs fully uncovered. The app snoops on the calls, text messages, and photos of the target device. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Here are its few features you would love to have while spying on someone’s device.

Record Calls and Surroundings: If you want to know more than who is calling the target device, you can record the calls and listen to what they talk about. This will give you a fair idea if your partner is cheating on you. You can also record the surrounding by remotely turning the target device into a microphone and listen to what is happening around.

Tracking GPS Location: The app tracks the location of the target device where you can catch your partner for their lying straightaway. May be they visit a pub or a bar so you can see if it what people talk about “where love birds meet”. If you miss out on locations, you can also see it through location history.

Monitoring Instant Messaging Apps: The app will monitor the calls, text messages, photos, and videos of instant messaging apps. You will get to know about everything shared via your partner’s device.

Watchlist Alert: The location watchlist helps you to geofence the target device. You can enter a certain location to your watchlist and get alerted if your partner visits it. You can also keep track of the check-ins and check-outs of partner on that location. Also, you can add contacts to watchlist and get notified if a particular person calls the target device occasionally.

The Basic Edition of this best mobile spying software is 8.33/month for the yearly plan while the Premium Edition costs you around $12.49/month.

#2- mSPY

spying apps for android and iphone

mSPY is a popular spy app for monitoring partners. It’s user-friendly and the tracking activates as soon as you download the app on the phone. The app is fully-functional spyware just like XNSPY but you will find its Premium Edition a bit expensive. The features it carries are:

Keylogger: It subtly picks up the keystrokes on the cell phone helping you monitor the passwords, web searches, messages etc.

Block Websites and Phone Calls: It will help you block websites, apps and phone calls on the target device.

Tracking Instant Messaging Activity: The app tracks the instant messages app like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. It also monitors the videos and photos shared via these apps.

You do not need to be tech-savvy to use this app.

#3 Flexispy

spying apps for android and iphone

Flexispy is a good spying tool but has an extreme-feature-rich capability that might threat someone. It can intercept a live call or can record surrounding of the target device via its camera. People usually rate Flexispy high because of these features.

Live Call Intercept: Usually apps record calls which you can listen to when you download from email or online account but Flexispy helps you to intercept it live. This is a better way to catch someone red-handed.

RemCam:  This remotely activates the camera of the target device and records what is happening around.

Besides, these features are only offered in the Extreme version which is $300+/yearly. The rest of the app has features similar to the mSPY and XNSPY.

#4- PhoneSheriff

spying apps for android and iphone

PhoneSheriff is a new and very easy-to-install app. It also has useful features tracking call logs, GPS Location, and photos and videos.

Geofencing Alert: The feature is designed to add a specific location to your watchlist and get alerted if the target device enters that area.

Profanity Alert: Adding words to Watchlist which are forbidden or vulgar. This will let you see with whom your partner interacts with these words.

Block Services: This restricts the access of the user to specific websites, contacts, and apps.

All these features are worth the subscription fee and you will find the performance of the app robust and refined.


spying apps for android and iphone

iKeyMonitor is a multi-dimensional spy app that will never disappoint you for its performance. This app has features which are primarily compatible with Android. It does what a spy app is supposed to do with the following set of features.

Records Call and Text Messages: This app record calls, SMS, Browsing history and even passwords.

Monitors Screen Activity: iKeyMonitor is very helpful in monitoring real-time activity through screenshots of the screen.

It also has Stealth Camera but with this feature, the subscription is as pricey as $14.49/month.

Final Thoughts:

We would definitely rate XNSPY the best mobile spying software as it’s reasonably priced and comes with almost everything that you need to successfully spy on your partner. Moreover, the customers have reported greater post-purchase satisfaction when compared to the last two apps. Both Mspy and FlexiSpy are competitive but at the same time expensive. The Extreme feature-rich version of these spying apps will make you think it is better to hack than to spy with your pocket half-emptied after purchase.

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