SoundCloud to MP3 Converter for Computer, Android and iPhone

Soundcloud to mp3

Are you looking to convert SoundCloud to mp3? Soundcloud has paved the way for many professional artists today to start their careers. The music sharing platform established in 2007 allows users to upload, promote and share their own music. On the platform, you will find covers, remixes from DJs and also discover new artists.

On SoundCloud, you could do all these for free but to download MP3s, you have to go pro. It is not strange for artists to rip one another’s music to create a whole new vibe of tune, having a SoundCloud to mp3 converter comes in handy. There are many out there but, let’s give you the ones that get the job done without any hassle.

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter for your Computer

If you want to access them online via your internet browser, there are some good websites that gets the job done. Let’s check them out.


ScloudDownloader is a simple and straightforward SoundCloud to MP3 converter. Its interface is simple and you get MP3s of 128kpbs and 320kpbs quality. One of its great features is s playlist downloader function with which you can get an entire playlist without stress.


KlickAud is another simple online tool to get your SoundCloud files to MP3. It is very easy to use with a clean interface. With KlickAud, you will get MP3 files in 128kpbs and 320kps, the highest quality for MP3s. Not only that, this website will also retain the artwork for every downloaded music.


Like the others, this is another free website but it allows you to download songs up to 2 hours long. No additional software is required and you get MP3s in the highest quality. Checkout Soundcloud downloader.

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter apps for iPhone

There are some third-party apps for iPhone users

Free Music Download

This app does a good job of helping you convert SoundCloud to MP3 on iPhone. You can find songs easily by genre, when you tap on one, it starts playing with the app’s music player. You can also search songs, there is a Download button which you can tap on to begin song downloads. All downloaded songs can be seen in the Files section

The app is free with intrusive ads so it is advised you go pro and pay the $1.99 subscription fee if you want to enjoy the app.

Music Downloader Pro

This app is not really different from the first one. You can download SoundCloud songs but it also comes with ads. Your safe bet is going pro as well.

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter app for Android

Most third-party apps for this function and very chunky and hard to use, the best bet is using the official SoundCloud app. This method requires a rooted android device, installed Xposed framework and enabling installation from “unknown sources”.

Learn how to install Xposed framework here. After installing, open the app and go to “Download” in the side menu. Use the search icon to search for “SoundCloud”, from the result you can download “SoundCloud Downloader”. Install, active the module and restart your phone to complete the process.

Open the SoundCloud Downloader app and set your preferred download location, save settings afterwards. Now, open the official SoundCloud app, play any song you like and tap the three-dotted menu to bring out “Download” option. You are good to go.


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