Sony Announces Three New Compact Controllers for PS4

compact controllers for ps4

Sony has just added 3 new compact controllers for PS4 to its different range of licensed products. Made by Nacon, the wired controller works with all versions of PS4, PS4 Pro and it will be launched officially in all regions by November, just in time for the holiday period.

compact controllers for ps4

The 3 new controllers for PS4 consists of two compact controllers and a unique mini gamepad which is made specifically for young players. Made by Japanese accessory manufacturer HORI, the pad features a classic retro design which still boasts the core controls, touch pad button and a 3m cable for safe use. This will also be launched 6th of November in Black, Blue and Red Colours.

compact controllers for ps4

Nacon Wired Compact Controllers for PS4

A lot of people have gotten used to playing games with Sony’s Bluetooth wireless controller which was launched with the PS3 long ago. The new wired controllers by Nacon retains the core game controls, a twin analog sticks, directional pad, triggers, bumbers and L3/R3, SHARE, OPTIONS, PS and action buttons. It will be available in traditional Black, Blue, Grey Orange and Red colours but Nacon is also launching illuminated versions with Green, Red and Blue colours with special LED light illumination.

compact controllers for ps4

@PLAY Wired Compact Controllers for PS4

Plans are in place to launch another next edition gamepad by @PLAY in December. The pad features the core controls, a sterero headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors and of course a 3m cable. It will be available in Blue, Dark Grey, Red and White colours.

compact controllers for ps4

What are your thoughts with Sony going back to wired controllers? Use the comment box, it should be noted that the wireless controllers will still be working.

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