Sony Unveils AirPeak, its camera-carrying Drone

Sony airpeak

Sony is finally into the drone business with the unveiling of its AirPeak drone at CES 2021. The drone had originally been teased last year but not much was known about it as at that time. The drone is built to carry Sony’s own Alpha mirrorless cameras and is said to be the smallest in the market that can do this.

Sony is already known for having some of the best cameras in the industry, even market leader DJI already sells camera mounts for Sony Alpha cameras. With Sony now producing its own consumer drone designed to carry its Alpha cameras specifically, it would be interesting to see what direction the market goes.

While carrying the Alpha cameras, the drone has a camera of its own which it will use to record the ongoing action. Sony showcased how this works in footage where the drone was following its Vision-S concept car which was unveiled last year. While carrying an Alpha camera, the drone flew through snow and was able to capture some cool footage.

The AirPeak is designed to be used by video content creators and professional photographers. There is no word on its pricing yet but the Drone is expected to be released this spring 2021.

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