Report: Sony to Enable PlayStation 5 Storage Expansion this Summer


The PlayStation 5’s M.2 expansion slot has been disabled at launch for those who have been able to get their hands on the console. Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny noted in November the SSD expansion was “reserved for a future update.” According to Bloomberg, Sony will enable the expansion of the SSD storage this summer with a firmware update.

The PlayStation 5 comes with an internal SSD storage of 852GB with only 667GB usable. Installing games and updates is taking up storage space more than ever with Activision warning the 500GB PS4 will not be able to handle all of the latest Call of Duty content. Major titles now take up at least 40GB of storage which means the PS5’s storage space will get full quickly except players uninstall old games.

According to Bloomberg, the firmware update to enable the SSD expansion will increase the PS5’s cooling fan speed to prevent overheating as a result of the expansion. The PS5’s custom SSD is super fast and any compatible external SSD will have to match this in order for players to install and play games on it, this is meant to generate more heat.

The PS5 is still in high demand with many still yet to get their hands on it. In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan confirmed supply won’t start to pick up till the second half of 2021.

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