Sony Releases Free Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4

black lives matter ps4 theme

The “Black Lives Matter” movement gained prominence worldwide when the world rallied against the gruesome murder of George Floyd in the hands of United States Police. Sony has announced a free #BlackLivesMatter theme for PS4 owners.

“Show your support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement with this new PS4 theme,” Sony announced in a tweet. The theme is available for download freely on the PlayStation store. Though it’s a little too late since the movement began in June, this is nevertheless a good touch from Sony.

A lot of brands and companies have since supported the course and Activision provided an updated to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which displayed the message in a splash screen back in June.

When activated, the theme is very basic with black and yellow theme colours. As seen above, there is a raised fist which signifies the movement and the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” message is written within the three yellow stripes. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is also written on the greyish-black background.

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