Checkout Sony’s New Platinum Wireless Headset for PS4

Sony Platinum wireless headset for PS4

If you are a hardcore gamer you might want to try out Soný’s new platinum wireless headset for the PlayStation4. The wireless headset has a shining metallic body and features a 3D Audio which produces sounds in all angles that gives gamers the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience.

Sony Platinum wireless headset for PS4

The 3D audio technology produces an enhanced 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound meaning even the tiniest of decibels like the dropping of a needle or the faintest of whispers will produce a sound tingling the ear of the gamer.

Features of the Platinum Wireless Headset

Long lasting rechargeable battery life

Wireless connectivity with PS4

3D Audio technology with advanced noise cancellation

Compatible for use with mobile devices and via the 3.5mm jack

Mobility – easily foldable, comes with a pouch.


The Platinum Wireless Headset is available for sale at $159.99, check here to buy or for more information.

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