Snapchat Gets 10 Billion Daily Video Views

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With more popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat people hardly get off their phones. These applications have become part of our daily lives, one just has to get along with them or get left behind. People post short videos on social media every day and this has become an effective way of sharing information.

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Snapchat is giving Facebook and Instagram a run for their money if recent reports are to go by. Snapchat Inc. confirmed on Thursday that its users now watch 10 billion videos in a day, a 2 billion increase up from the 8 billion views it was getting this year February according to Bloomberg. This is a rapid increase withing a short period of time confirming recent polls the app is popular with teens and even among the elderly ones.

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It’s hard to measure how Snapchat compares with other popular apps like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter because these companies do not release statistics in terms of daily video views. Facebook last disclosed its daily views last year November reporting 8 billion views but these statistics are not measured in the same terms.

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Whatever happens, Snapchat seems to be growing every day and a lot of people will keep on using the app as long as new interesting features are being introduced.

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