How to Transfer Money with Skye Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks

skye bank transfer code to other banks - skye bank customer care

Skye Bank transfer code to other banks ussd makes it easy to perform any transaction via SMS or USSD right from the comfort of your home or anywhere. Skye Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria with over 373 branches in Nigeria; they first began operating in 2006 and the bank has grown since to be one of the best. With Skye Bank transfer code to other banks and ussd various transactions can be done such as bills payment, Inter-bank transfer, balance enquiry, airtime recharge, etc.

skye bank transfer code to other banks

Skye Bank Transfer Code to Other Banks With USSD

To use the Skye bank mobile banking, you need to register first from a registered number associated with your bank account.

  • Dial *833# from on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen command, Get your PIN and start using Skye Bank mobile USSD banking.

DON’T MISS: Skye Bank Customer Care Number – Skye Bank Customer Care Live Chat

How to Check Skye Bank account Balance on Your Phone

I suppose you’ve registered by now. To check your Skye Bank bank account balance, dial *833# from your phone and follow the on-screen command. Choose the balance menu to see your balance.

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  1. Comment Text*
    D code works but does not finish transaction many times. It’s either “no response” or “u have exceeded ur transaction limit” even if u have not made any transfer. Plx help improve ds service

  2. *833# not working for me please, am really trying dis but am not i Nigeria tho, but is there another code i can use to transfer money online cause is not going at all even the mobile app self no dey go.
    Please help me out

    • There is something wrong with your account if neither the USSD code or the mobile banking app is working for you. You can call their customer care on 0700-75932265, +234 806 988 0000 and explain to them.

  3. Truly am fade up. With this service. If Skye Bank can’t give me that quality service of mobile transaction. They should stop lying to me

  4. When I try to transfer to another bank, it tells me it can’t confirm the account number, however I should be sure of the number and input the amount I want to transfer, but it doesn’t show where to type the amount.
    What can I do?

  5. they say my account is not registered and have out in my number and they said i should create a the pin, which i have put the pin and now saying my number does not exist with the account what do i do? but i am very sure it is the number i used

  6. This *833# code is not going on my phone what can I do. It respond Connection problem or invalid MMI code

  7. this is total nonsense…. i swear down been trying to use this code and itz nt working all i get is my account number is not registered and after registering the next thing is no response. Poor service.

  8. when Eva I dial d code after d screen messages the next response will be either no response or u re not been register

  9. How do I get my pin? After dialing *833# the options do not make provison to create pin. But it demands pin for final transaction.

  10. In my opinion, i think skye bank is not advanced enough for this kind of short code transactions, my credit was deducted for dialling *833# and yet i was unable to make transfer throughout this weekend. They need to emulate banks like GTB.

  11. Y can’t u make ur Mobile App works well nd easy registration lyk d other banks tinz are jst been complicated on dis bank transactions issues try nd improve.

  12. Hello, I think Skye Bank needs to improve, Please
    emulate GTB. Your mobile apps is no go area your transfer code is even worse. What do you want us your customers to enjoy? Zenith transfer code is working. I wonder what Skye Bank is waiting for,for this long without improving your online transaction. Its so annoying. SKYE BANK SHOULD WAKE UP.

  13. I tried using d code n it took me to some steps, the when it reaches to put my code it was another story incorrect code.what should I do pls?

  14. Pls the code is working but asking for my code and i type my code four digit number but not responding pls what should i do

  15. Pls the code is working but asking for my code and i type my code four digit number but not responding pls what should i do….
    2. how can i create a PIN have been trying my ATM pin not responding so Pls Admin what should i do pls

  16. I can’t do transfer on my phone and buy recharge card I can’t do anything it just dey say error my pin is incorrect am fed up what can I do pls I need this help fast

  17. I just realized that there is a little trick to making your code input works. After dialing *833#, your input, that is, the number your will be typing into the space provided should have a space after it. The space is a hidden character that must be included too. So if for example you want to type your number, it should be typed this way – 08111111111- the hyphen shows that after typing your number include just a space; press the space on phone then type ok

  18. It’s not working since I found out about it…ya’ll should just go meet Gtbank to school you how this shiit works cos it’s frausfrustrating mehnnn

  19. i tried to register but couldnt get to pin level, ever since i cant transact other recharge, pls what can i do to complete my registratn?

  20. Hello . Do u know Neyman Harry? Does he work in this bank . They e mail me that I won lottery and ask money for taxes? Is it illegal?

  21. U guys should check the so called *833# it really not working, other banks are very easy n fast, but urs is not connecting.

  22. There has never been a time I enjoyed their service. I don’t have any account with them but even using their ATM is wahala, in all their branches I’ve been to, it’s either there’s no cash and they reject MasterCard too. My sister banks with them only because it’s her salary account. Now she said I should help her with the transfer code but with all this responses I don’t think I’ll try it.

  23. Sorry Admin the ussd code is not working at all its writing connection problem been writing that for 3months now… i need to transfer urgently

  24. *833# code is not working. I need to transfer from phone, what should I do? Is it not compatible with MTN line?

  25. I think Skye bank need to upgrade. if am using a microfinance bank its even better. USSD not workin, too much exception. Mobile Banking also fuck up most times.

  26. Been trying 2 transfer mny wit my phn since, aft following all the procedures d last I get is no response been doing dis for longwhat else can I do Admin

  27. Admin you’re wrong. It’s actually *833*3#
    Then you follow up the options. I just transferred my baby girl 10k now and it worked.
    Skye Bank isn’t dead afterall.

  28. pls, i dialled the code and almost at the end of the transaction, it asked for a pin, i tried my ATM card pin, but it doesnt work,… so What pin is are they asking for and how can i get it?

  29. This code is not performing at all, It’s demanding for pin and which pin?. At least the pin they are demanding for should be send to the user directly when user is using the USSD code. When I tried my ATM pin for it, the next message I got is you have exceeded the 3 digit pin and you are block. What kind of nonsense is this because other banks USSD code am using is not giving me this type of Wahala.

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