When Shift 2 Combo Button Doesn’t Give You @ (At) Symbol

shift 2 @ keyboard feature

It has happened to us one time or the other; we finish typing the content of an email, and when we are typing a receiver’s email address, the @ symbol isn’t just coming by using the regular combination of Shift plus Number 2 Buttons. Instead, we get a different symbol–most times, we get ” symbol.

This takes us to a voyage of searching for @ on our keyboard by running the shift key against every number and sign on our keyboard. Perhaps after a lot of trails and errors you eventually get the key combination. But I can bet that after that day, you will get to go into this same voyage next time you need this symbol.

But do you have to keep doing this voyaging when you can easily set your keyboard to the standard combo that you are familiar with? I trust you don’t!

Therefore let first start with the reason Shift 2 may not give @ symbol.

Reason Shift 2 isn’t Giving You @ Symbol

The combo of Shift plus 2 results to @ when keyboard language is set to English spoken in United State of America. If the language is United Kingdom English or any other, your Shift 2 will not produce the intended symbol.

So to get your keyboard changed to the familiar key combination, walk with me in steps below:

shift 2 @ keyboard feature

How To Make Shift 2 Shows @ Symbol

  1. Go to Control Panel and find the section called Clock, Language and Region
  2. Under the section, click on change input methods.
  3. Shift2Under change your language preferences, double click English (United States).
  4. ShiftClick on Preview to preview the keyboard.
  5. Then click close to close the preview.
  6. ShiftAfter closing the preview click on save and you are done.


What if you don’t see English (United States) among the displayed languages?

If English (United States) is not among the displayed languages under change your language preferences, do this:

  • Under change your language preferences, click on add a language.
  • Scroll until you see English and double click on it.

shift + 2 @ keyboard feature


  • From among the list of different English speaking countries, double click on English (United States). It is greyed out on my computer because it is one of the pre-installed languages.

shift + 2 @ keyboard feature

  • By double clicking it, the language will be added among the languages available to you.
  • Repeat step 3 – 6 above to enable the language.

With the above steps properly followed, you can now have the @ symbol by pressing your favourite key combination.

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