Simple Trick To Sharing Files Between Phone and Computer Using Wireless (WiFi)


In a world where we now have wireless charger that can charge a phone without using a cable, it will be a form of under-utilizing your smartphone if you still believe you always need your USB cord to transfer data between your phone and your computer system.wireless file sharing

We know that bluetooth can do some level file sharing without a wire connection but the limitation is much. So Wireless transfer is the perfect replacement for a Bluetooth but it would only serve as a complement to USB wire transfer. I don’t believe this generation is ready to ditch wire transfer just like that, it is still very useful.

But inorder for you to get more value for your hard earned money you paid in getting that your beautiful phone; I compiled these simple steps to follow for you to transfer data between phone and computer using a wireless connection:

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Only two things are needed:

1) An Android phone with hotspot feature

2) A computer with a wireless adapter installed.

Steps To Follow

  • Phone Segment

First of all, get Xander Application from this link and install it. If already installed, follow the steps.

  1. Launch Xander, click on where you see an icon like a rocket (towards the bottom right corner).
  2. Then click on where you see PC/Mac.  N.B: Your Internet connect must be off during this entire process.
  3. Click on create Hotspot: This would create a wireless connection that can be connected to.
  4. Write down the IP and Port Address generated by Xander somewhere. We will be needing it in the next step.
Wireless file transfer
Imaging Showing The Steps To Follow
  • Computer Segment

  1. Connect to the created Hotspot using your computer.hostpot connect
  2. Open any browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or any of your favourite browser and type in the address you wrote in Step 4 of the Phone Segment.wireless2
  3. This will prompt you to click Accept on your phone and please click Accept. Clicking Accept is the step 5 of the Phone Segment, as illustrated in the picture of the Phone Segment.
  4. After accepting; You are good to go and you are now connected wirelessly and should be seeing something like the picture below.wireless3

You should be feeling lucky now because you are just a few steps away from achieving a wireless file sharing milestone.

Sending a File to Your Phone.

  • Open any of the available category: App, Music, Video, Picture or the folder you want to share the file with.
  • Click upload at the top right corner to browse and upload a file from the computer to the phone.wireless4wireless6wireless7

Downloading a File to Your Computer

  • All you need to do is to find the file and click on the download icon near the file and poof, the file would be downloaded to you system.wireless8

Reasons To Use Wireless File Sharing

  • All format of Files can be transferred including installed application, videos, music etc.
  • Wireless File Sharing is faster in data transfer in terms of speed compared to the majority of USB cord you will get in the market.
  • Virus is another reason to use wireless file sharing. Virus could easily be transferred between your phone and computer while using cable to send and receive data, but through wireless file sharing; the chances of transferring virus is reduced.

Can you see how easy this wireless sharing process is?

Give it a trial and let hear about your experience using this trick. And if you know another way of sharing files using Wi-Fi, you can share it with us by using the comment box.

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