Samsung Unveils New External T7 Touch SSD With Built-In Fingerprint Sensor

T7 Touch SSD

Samsung has just unveiled a new external SSD at the ongoing CES 2020, the new T7 Touch SSD not only comes with improved transfer speed and it also comes with an in-built fingerprint scanner for added security. The SSD is compatible with Windows, Mac and the Android operating systems.

When connected to a computer, the external SSD fingerprint scanner works even when the computer does not come with a fingerprint reader. According to Samsung, up to four fingerprints can be connected to the SSD making it possible to add friends & family and share files with them.

Apart from the fingerprint sensor, the T7 Touch SSD has an indicator light which illuminates when it is connected to a computer and transferring data. A feature which is not available on the older generation of this SSD.

It comes with a USB-C port which can be connected to a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A cable. In terms of speed, it offers write speeds up to 1,000MB/s and reads up to 1,050MB/s which the company says is twice as fast as the old T5. The T7 Touch SSD is well built a strong aluminium chassis which can resist dropping up to two meters according to Samsung.


The T7 Touch SDD has a version without a fingerprint scanner which will be available come the second quarter in 2020. The fingerprint scanner version will go on sale later this month; the 500GB model will go for $129.99, the 1TB for $299.99 while the largest storage which is the 2TB will go for $399.99.


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