Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: Infinix’s Stable Frame-rate Engine and the Quest for Perfect Performance

infinix stable frame-rate engine

Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for all young consumers, continues to drive innovative breakthroughs in gaming smartphones with its self-developed engine. The Infinix GT 10 Pro, launched last year, marked Infinix’s foray into the gaming-oriented segment, establishing the Infinix GT series as a notable player in mobile gaming. This year, Infinix has elevated the game with the Infinix GT 20 Pro, featuring an all-round hardware and software upgrade that sets a new standard in the gaming niche.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro is powered by the brand’s self-developed Stable Frame-rate Engine, which manages temperature through smart resource scheduling to deliver a smooth and stable gaming experience. This sophisticated engine enhances the phone’s efficiency with algorithms that enable the device to sustain a native frame rate of 120FPS with ultra-stable performance for up to one hour.

5 Major Advantages of this engine:

  • Low Power Consumption: This is the first implementation of the D9300 technology on the D8200 platform. The scheme, available for fine-tuning by Infinix’s gaming sector, schedules underlying resources to save power without affecting performance. Laboratory data from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) shows that under high frame rates, this phone can operate for an hour with much lower frame rate fluctuation than what is required for competitions.
  • Optimal Render Efficiency: It automatically recognizes and activates customized rendering based on the gaming scene, intelligently rendering core characters and special effects in high quality while reducing the rendering power for non-core visuals like distant views and background scenes. This allows multiple rendering objects with different resolutions to exist in the same frame of the game, reducing the power consumption caused by screen rendering without impacting the player’s gaming experience.
  • Smart Cooling while Gaming: This engine includes the Xboost quick tool module, which, combined with the human perception range of temperature, initiates after turning on intelligent temperature monitoring to adjust the performance scheduling strategy. This balances performance and power consumption, maintaining stable frame rates while controlling temperature.
  • Smooth Visuals: Under a high-speed camera, it can be seen that the screen is rendered progressively. When the configuration is insufficient, screen tearing occurs during high-speed movement, where a new frame starts rendering before the previous one has finished. Vertical synchronization prevents image tearing by synchronizing the screen refresh rate with the game frame rate.
  • Game Network Acceleration: Once the Xboost tool module is activated, it prioritizes network resource allocation towards gaming.
infinix stable frame-rate engine

Additionally, the Infinix GT 20 Pro adopts a unique Esports Mode to create a zero-disruption gaming experience. This makes the device performance equal to a gaming console, providing the ultimate gaming experience for Esports players.

“Stable Frame-rate Engine is crucial for professional players because it meets their fundamental needs: a consistently high frame rate, low-latency networking, and long-lasting battery life. This stability guarantees uninterrupted gaming experiences, even in the event of power outages or battery depletion.” — Weiqi Nie, Head of Product at Infinix


The Infinix GT 20 Pro is now in authorized retail outlets across Nigeria, featuring captivating colours such as Mecha Blue, Mecha Orange, and Mecha Silver. With generous memory configurations of 12+256GB, this powerful smartphone provides ample storage space to fulfil all your digital needs.

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