You Can Now Receive and Send WhatsApp Gifs – Learn how

You Can Now Receive and Send WhatsApp Gifs

Users can now receive and send WhatsApp Gifs with the popular messenger app’s latest update. Over 1 billion people use the app and being able to send WhatsApp Gifs would certainly make the app more interesting. Graphics Interchange Format – GIFs are bitmap animated images lasting for between 3-5 secs widely used across the internet. Gifs are sometimes used to pass expressions or feelings on the internet.


How to Send WhatsApp Gifs Images

In order to do this, simply go to your app store and update the WhatsApp application to the latest version. The previous versions do not support sending and receiving of animated Gifs so you have to update. Giphy is a popular website with a large collection of readymade Gifs for you to choose or download from, visit here.

Look for your desired choice of Gif image and download as shown below, click on the download button.

Send WhatsApp GIFs

Open your WhatsApp application, select the contact you want to send the Gif image to, tap on the pin attachment option, choose your gallery and navigate to GIFS

Send whatsapp gif

Select the downloaded Gif and send

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