5 Reasons for Passing Microsoft MCSE MD-101 Exam

Microsoft mcse md-101

Microsoft is a global leader when it comes to IT certifications and software development such as Windows OS and Microsoft Office products. MCSE MD-101 is one of the exams that is designed to award the IT professionals with the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential. Upon getting certified, IT professionals will be good at securing, managing, and monitoring devices, as well as client applications in an enterprise environment.

Microsoft MCSE MD-101 Exam Overview

Microsoft MCSE MD-101 and MD-100 are the two ideal exams that the candidates need to pass in order to be awarded with the Microsoft 365: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential.

You will learn advanced skills in managing identity, policies, access, updates, and apps. Thus, preparation for the tests is important.

The ideal candidates of MCSE MD-101 exam must be very conversant with M365 workloads. They should also be proficient in configuring, deploying, and maintaining non-Windows and Windows devices, as well as technologies.


Microsoft MCSE MD-101 exam measures the following skills:

  • Deploying and updating Operating Systems
  • Managing profiles and policies
  • Managing and protecting devices
  • Managing apps and data.

The MCSE MD-101 exam is also based on the above themes. Each topic constitutes a certain percentage of questions in MCSE MD-101 exam, which has the following structure:

  • About 55-75 questions of multiple-choice format can be expected.
  • Registration of the exam is done at a cost of $165.

Why is it better to get certified?

One of the questions some individuals always ask is if they should get Microsoft certifications. As it requires intrapersonal communication, the answer is: “It depends!”. If you are getting an industry certificate, then it is important to clearly define your reasons. What motivates you? Let us have a look at what can motivate you to become certified by Microsoft.


Gain Credibility

If you are a newbie in your career and you would like to grow professionally, then getting Microsoft certification can grant you a stamp of approval. The certification in Modern Desktop is a plus because it proves that you are knowledgeable about what you are aspiring to do for an employer. It also proves an extra validation that you are not buried to success because only successful professionals can achieve Microsoft credential.

Increase Your Marketability

Being in a job market without certification is an ordinary thing. The market for IT is competitive, and you have to stand out. According to the survey done by HR.com, 100% of the respondents agreed that professional certifications are often preferred during the hiring process. If you want to stand out, get certified!

Employer Preference

Your university degree is sometimes not enough for hiring managers. Credentials are a sign for employers that you are ready to work in a particular sphere and that you want to improve your skills further. Hence, if you want to get hired, then strive for a credential.


Everyone would like to progress every day. Professional certifications can be a catalyst to make your promotions come earlier. Employers prefer competent professionals who can implement their skills. If you have the certification, then you can possibly get a chance to work as a team leader in software development and management.

Personal Satisfaction

Satisfaction is what we all aspire to achieve when we assume professional roles in our companies. With Modern Desktop certification, you will satisfy yourself having managed to fulfil a dream of becoming a modern desktop certified professional. Besides, technology keeps growing every day and having a certificate proves that you have upgraded knowledge.

The best training materials

The Microsoft MCSE MD-101 certification exam needs the candidates to be adept at Microsoft 365 concepts. It is very crucial to find the best training materials to sharpen your knowledge before the exam date finally arrives. Many candidates recommend CertLane as a sure way to go to the higher level. Consequently, it is good to find out why the majority of the candidates advise CertLane. Here are the results:


  • Questions and answers – these are the perfect materials to identify the topics that you need to learn better. It also gives you a perfect way to answer the challenging questions MCSE MD-101.
  • Video training courses – instructor-led video training courses are the best that you can have for practising the lab sessions. You will get an understanding of how different modern desktop technologies are designed, configured, and operated.
  • Study guide – a guide is necessary for your preparation for the MCSE MD-101 exam. it gives you an overview of what you are supposed to learn before taking the test.
  • Audio guide – for candidates who like listening more than reading. This is your choice. Get the best MCSE MD-101 audio guide from CertLane.


Microsoft MCSE MD-101 is the newly introduced certification exam to sharpen professional’s skill in modern desktops. It is an exam to show that you are updated with the most trending inventions in the field of IT. Make an effort to register and get all the necessary resources from CertLane. Finally, remember to practice every concept you have learned because the world is waiting for you to showcase your talent.

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