Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460 Chipsets

Snapdragon 720g, 662 and 460

Qualcomm has announced three new chipsets which are targeted at entry-level and mid-range smartphones – Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 40. The chipsets brings improved user experience spanning across connectivity, gaming and entertainment.

Speaking on the launch, President of Qualcomm India, Rajen Vagadia stated the platforms were introduced for 4G markets and that Qualcomm will continue for focus on these markets.

He said, “While we see a fast adoption of 5G across geographies globally, we do recognize the phenomenal boost that 4G has given towards enabling broadband connectivity for Indian consumers. 4G will continue to remain a focus area for Qualcomm Technologies for regions like India, where it will stay a key technology for connectivity. Our goal is to enable our partners to continue creating solutions that offer seamless connectivity access and exceptional mobile experiences, that consumers can count on.”

Today’s smartphone users want fast, seamless connectivity, advanced features and long-lasting battery life. This expansion of our 4G lineup enables our partners to offer sophisticated solutions that meet global demand and enable a remarkable gaming experience across multiple tiers and price segments.”

Snapdragon 720G will bring many gaming features of the 765G as well as support for HDR, dynamic colour range and high-quality synchronized sound with Qualcomm aptX Adaptive.


Snapdragon 662, on the other hand, brings triple-camera support in what is a first of its kind in the Qualcomm 6-series chipset lineup. Lastly is the Snapdragon 460 which is the cheapest amongst the three but it still offers enhanced CPU and GPU performance over the older Qualcomm 4-chipsets.


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