Qualcomm Unveils Four New Snapdragon Chipsets for Mid-Range and Entry-Level Devices

qualcomm snapdragon 695

Qualcomm today added four new chipsets for mid-range and entry-level smartphones – the Snapdragon 778 Plus, 695, 680 and the Snapdragon 480 Plus. The new chipsets are expected to be seen in phones in Q4 2021 by Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Motorola, Honor and HMD.

The Snapdragon 695 replaces last year’s Snapdragon 690 and brings a much-needed addition for mid-range 5G phones. It supports both the mmWave and sub-6GHz versions of 5G which means more connectivity options unlike the Snapdragon 690 which only supports the sub-6GHz flavour. The Snapdragon 695 is even faster with Qualcomm promising a 15-percent increase in CPU performance and up to 30 percent faster GPU capability.

The new chipsets bring more options for smartphone manufacturers with the Snapdragon 680 targeting the LTE-only market. The chip is built on the same 6nm process as the Snapdragon 695 but has no 5G support. The Snapdragon 778G Plus is an updated version of the regular 778G and there aren’t many differences between the two. The CPU now clocks at a 2.5GHz speed, slightly faster than the 2.4GHz it was before. The Snapdragon 480 Plus is also an updated version of the regular 480 with a boost in CPU clock speed from 2.0GHz to 2.2GHz.

All four chipsets are expected to power smartphones from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Image: Qualcomm

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