PS5 Latest Beta Introduces Support for 1440p Resolution

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Sony’s latest beta software for the PS5 introduces 1440p support, a feature the company says is highly requested by the PlayStation community. Until now, the console has natively supported 4K and 1080 output but players can now add 1440p support if they have a compatible display.

The PS5 beta software adds other personalization features such as gamelists, new social features, and many more. Sony says it is not guaranteed that all the features available to beta testers starting from today will make it to the final version when the update is eventually rolled out to all users.

PS5 1440p support
PlayStation 5 1440p support

The PS5 will now support 1440p HDMI video output with compatible PC monitors and TVs. The PS5 will natively output 1440p for games that support the resolution, and players can benefit from improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p for games that render natively at 4K resolution.

Gamelists, an additional feature in the beta software allows testers to create gamelists to organize their gaming library. Players can have up to 15 gamelists and 100 games per list. Players will also be able to choose from 3D audio or stereo audio and compare both. Party members can now request for members to share screen and players can now send stickers and voice messages in Game Base.

The beta software is available today to selected testers in the U.S, Canada, Japan, U.K, Germany, and France.

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