Pocophone F2 is Coming This Year, Xiaomi Trademark Confirms

Pocophone f2

The Poco series is actually happening and the Pocophone F1 will be getting a successor this year. So far, there has been no official confirmation except a tease from Xiaomi’s Global Head, Alvin Tse who gave a hint the Pocophone F2 will be coming out in 2020. Thanks to a leaked trademark application, this may have actually been confirmed.

According to the documents leaked by @_the_tech_guy on Twitter, a trademark has been filed by Xiaomi for certain smartphone named POCO F2. This trademark presented a long time ago prior to the launch of the Pocophone F1.

The Pocophone F1 was widely embraced because of its price and premium specifications it offered, and it was one of Xiaomi’s bestselling phones after its launch. Many had suggested the Redmi K20 Pro as a successor to the original POCO but that would not be the case. If the trademark is anything to go by, then the POCO 2 is really coming.

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