There’s No Upgrade Path for Horizon Forbidden West from PS4 to PS5

horizon forbidden west

With the February 18th, 2022 release date of Horizon Forbidden West drawing nearer, Sony has opened up pre-orders on the PlayStation Store and other partner outlets. The game will be released on both the PS4 and PS5, but there will be no upgrade path to the next-gen version if you purchase the game for the PS4.

Guerrilla Games detailed the different editions of the game in a PlayStation blog post, and Sony made it clear on a FAQ page that there will be no cross-gen upgrade. The game will be made for both the PS4 and PS5 but the standard edition for PS4 owners that comes with the base pricing will have no upgrade path whether you purchase the digital or physical copies.

To have access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West, Sony says you will have to purchase the more expensive $79.99 Digital Deluxe Edition, the $199.99 Collector’s Edition or the $259.99 Regalla Edition. The Standard Edition maintains the usual pricing model costing $59.99 on the PS4 and $69.99 on the PS5. Sony is also offering a Special Edition for both consoles that cost $69.99 for the PS4 and $79.99 for the PS5, both will have extra contents which includes a SteelBook, digital soundtrack and a mini art book.

Last year, Sony published a PlayStation blog post promising a free upgrade to the next-gen version for those who will purchase the game on the PS5, the latest pre-order information comes as a surprise. Unlike in Horizon Forbidden West, Sony will allow fans to upgrade to the PS5 versions of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and Death Stranding Director’s Cut for minimal fees instead of having to purchase a separate full game.

We might be seeing more from Sony on Horizon Forbidden West during its PlayStation Showcase scheduled for September 9th.

Stay tuned.

Image: Sony/Guerrilla Games

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