New PS5 Community Game Help Feature Will Help You Navigate Gameplays

ps5 community game help

PlayStation 5 owners will be familiar with a Game Help feature that provides, hints, tips, and walkthrough videos to players when navigating a difficult level in video games. The feature was released in 2020 but it is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Expanding on the feature, Sony has now announced a new Community Game Help feature that will automatically capture gameplay footage to help other players without any subscription.

“PS5 players will be able to contribute their gameplay, view hints from fellow gamers, or access Game Help hints created by developers,” says Sabrina Meditz, senior director of product management at Sony Interactive Entertainment. “Game developers can also continue to create their own hint videos, as seen in popular titles available today like The Last of Us Part II Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.”

Just like in Game Help, Community Game Help can be accessed from an Action Card in Control Centre. Hints will be labelled with “Community Game Help”, indicating the gameplay footage was generated from other players. Hints can be rated, which will allow Sony to recommend the right footage to players.

Any PS5 player can opt-in and opt-out out of Community Game Help at any time by going to Captures & Broadcasts under Settings in the PS5 menu. “Once you turn on the settings, your PS5 will automatically capture a video when you complete a certain activity in a game,” explains Sabrina. “Then, it will be reviewed by a moderator, and if approved, your video will be published as a Game Help hint for PlayStation players to watch, learn from, and rate. Your videos will be removed from the PS5 console once they are uploaded to our servers, so it will not impact your console storage.”

Sony says the new feature will come to “select games later this year” and that it will be expanded to “as many titles as possible in the future.”

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