MTN Giving Out Free 4GB Data

MTN Giving Out Free 4GB Data

The yuletide season may be over, but as far as MTN is concerned, the new year party won’t end until the next 7 days. For this reason the Yello ISP is giving out free 4GB data to its loyal customers.

So if you are loyal to MTN, be ready to blaze the Internet with free 4GB data for the next 7 days. To get this data, dial *559*444#. After dialing the code, you should get a success message like the image below.

MTN Giving Out Free 4GB Data

According to the message, this data only works on 4G enabled SIM and Phone. When I tried using the data to browse on a 3.75G phone, it didn’t work. Hence this awoof is for the 4G folks only.

We can’t ascertain that all subscribers are eligible to this goodies. So if you dial the above code and you are not given the data, it means you are not eligible. Try another SIM.

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