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Do you love new themes? Are you looking for a mobile site where you can get the latest wallpapers, music, themes, and ringtones? Would you like to have this content for free? Then you should try Mobile9.

Mobile9 offers a safe platform where you can download media files directly to your mobile device for free. It also supports content for iOS, Android, and Window devices.

With this article, I will tell you about the site, the files it offers and how to download these files on your device.

What Can You Download on Mobile9?

As I said earlier, Mobile9 has an impressive collection of free content which has been placed under various categories. These categories include:

Books and Comics

The website offers different digital reading materials in all formats for all ages. These materials (which fall under all genres, including romance, sci-fi, horror, mystery, and crime. Registration is not necessary before downloads; however, contributors are advised to register.


This category includes apps, games, themes, notification sounds, as well as other items with which you can personalize on any smartphone. It even has watch faces which you can apply to your smartwatch.

Music and Video

Mobile9 has around 47509 videos in its archives. This means you have access to a large number of funny, pop, dance, and music videos. You can also use a search bar to look for specific videos and music.


Messaging becomes more fun with Mobile9 because it has a lot of features under this category. Options under this section include gifs, picture messages, and stickers. It also has a section dedicated to text that you can use on your WhatsApp Status.

Now let’s move on to the steps with which you can download these Mobile9 content on your phone.

How You Can Download from Mobile9

Here are the steps needed before you can download files from Mobile9

  • Launch your browser and visit “”
  • Tap any of the categories mentioned above. Let’s say you want to download a wallpaper, scroll to Deco and tap Wallpaper.
  • Scroll to your desired file and Tap on Download
  • Once the process is complete, check your Download folder to access the file.

N.B. To find a file quickly, you can use the Search icon at the top of the page. Then scroll through the results to find your file. When you see the specific upload, click on it.

Why Do We Love Mobile9?

Although there are many mobile download sites, these are reasons why Mobile9 presents itself as a great option.

Massive Library with Free Content

Mobile9 has an extensive selection of top quality files. These files come in all formats, thus making them compatible with iOS, Android, and Java devices. Another good thing about this collection is that all files are free.

Clean and Simple Interface

Mobile9 has an interface that oozes simplicity. This makes it easy for users to navigate and access files. With this in mind, this site stands as one of the cleanest download portals on the internet.

Safe from Malware

Security scans on the Mobile9 show that the site does not include any malware or virus. Furthermore, the site is not listed on Google Safe Search and Norton’s Safe Web. This means your device is safe when you visit this site.

Secure from Phishing Attacks

Since it uses a valid SSL certificate, Mobile9 keeps your details safe from cybercriminals.


Looking for a portal that offers various files at no hidden costs? Then you should check out Mobile9. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment box.


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