Microsoft won’t be on the E3 2023 Show Floor

E3 2021 - ESA

E3 2023 is scheduled to take place from June 13th to 16th as an in-person event, but Microsoft has now confirmed to IGN it won’t be on the show floor, instead choosing to support the digital week that kicks off on June 11th.

We can’t wait to host our Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 and will share more details later,” an Xbox spokesperson said in a statement to IGN. “We also look forward to co-streaming our event as part of E3 Digital and will not be on the E3 show floor.”

A previous report indicated that Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo would be skipping the annual gaming tradeshow when it returns at the Los Angeles Convention Centre in June. Nintendo has confirmed it won’t be participating, and it is not looking like Sony will be making an appearance either. Sony has been skipping E3 since its last appearance in 2018, preferring to hold its own digital event.

Participation from publishers in E3 2023 remains sketchy, according to IGN, with Ubisoft giving the clearest indication it will be at the event, saying, “if E3 happens, we will be there, and we have a lot of things to show.”

Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer continues to express support for E3. In a recent statement, he said: “Xbox is on the board of the ESA, and I think a successful and healthy ESA is critical to what we’re trying to go do. So we place our showcase, like we always have done, at a time where hopefully it’s convenient for press and even consumers that are going to the E3 event, and that’s what we’re trying to do now,” We will continue to work with ESA in terms of their plans. As I said, we’re on the board, and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help make the E3 successful.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s upcoming title from Bethesda, Starfield, has been announced to be released on September 6th after some delays. Starfield will be released on the Xbox Series X|S and PC, and info about the game will be released during a “Starfield Direct” event on June 11.

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